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Weekender: Can Plants Think And Feel?

Plants are generally considered to be more basic forms of life than animals. They cannot speak, or walk; they do not have powers of reasoning or conscious thought.

Or do they?

Scientists are now coming around to the idea that plants are sentient living beings, with a sophisticated awareness of their surroundings. Not only...
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Eavesdropping Insects Save the Coffee

While we humans go about our daily conversations (often on cell phones), we don't realize that the whole world is talking and...
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Plants Communicate With Clicks

It's been known that plantscommunicate with each other, but biologists didn't know how they did it. It turns out they do it by making "clicking" sounds.

Some plants use smell to...
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Insect-Eating Plants Becoming Vegetarian

It's not a matter of the plants making a moral choice, it's a result of too much rain. Scientists studying carnivorous plants in Swedish bogs found that the extra nitrogen deposited in the soil from rain reduced how many insects the plants trapped. Pollution from cars and power...
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Plants Remember the Dry Days

When plants talk to each other, what do they say? Some of them compare notes on how to survive a drought and plants that have been subjected to a previous period of drought learn to deal with the stress thanks to their memories of the experience.

This discovery...
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Plants Talk to Each Other

Sometimes it seems like plants are communicating--but this seems impossible. But biologists now say it's TRUE--we just need to learn their "language."

Researchers added the protein luciferase (which makes fireflies glow in the...
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Landscape Invaders

Here's yet another result of climate change: Our landscapes will change too. It's not just that we'll have to plant more hot weather,...
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Plants Know We're Here

Are plants aware of us--do they react to what we do? Biologist Elizabeth Haswell says, "Picture yourself hiking through the woods or walking across a lawn. Now ask yourself: Do the bushes know that someone is brushing past them? Does the grass know that it is being crushed underfoot? Of course, plants don't think thoughts, but they do respond...
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Plant Sex

and siblings! - The future may be stranger than you think! It takes two for human reproduction, but biologists have discovered plants and animals that can rely on EITHER a partner or go it alone by self-fertilization give their offspring a better chance for longer lives when they choose to use a mate.

Sex with self in...

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Plants Return Fire

When attacked, plants use bugs to protect themselves and to retaliate. It turns out they can also defend themselves by using their roots to secrete acid that brings bacteria to the rescue.

This quashes the misperception that plants are at the mercy of passing pathogens and sheds new light on a sophisticated signaling system inside plants...

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Autumn Leaves: Red Means Danger

While scientists understand why the leaves on trees turn yellow and orange in the fall, they DON'T understand why some of them turn red, but they do know that it can be a sign of danger for the tree.

Cory Binns writes in that leaves stop producing chlorophyll in response to colder weather and less daylight. Chlorophyll is...

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Plants Have Long Distance Romance

Can two plants living 100 miles apart find romance? They can if they have a gardener who's handy with a turkey baster. A rare female cycad plant, which only produces seeds every few years, is currently ready for fertilization in a British botanical garden, but has no mate. A male plant producing pollen was found in another garden in the U.K.,...

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Do Your Houseplants Have Jet Lag?

Scientists have discovered that plants, like animals, have a 24-hour biological clock. Just as our body clock tells us to wake up, plants have clocks that tell them to prepare for the sun. Plant clocks are set to go off around the same time every morning, usually just a few hours before noon. This tells them to prepare for intense sunlight,...

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