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The Mystery of Missing Flight MH370 - Plane Did Not Crash Into The Sea, Says Airline Boss

Seven months after the Malaysian airline flight 370 went missing without a trace, the mystery surrounding its disappearance is no closer to being solved.

Until now, the most widely-held belief is that some sort of incident occurred onboard, causing the plane to be placed on autopilot until it finally crashed into the Indian Ocean, but...
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Suspicions About Wellstone Crash

Shortly after the announcement about the plane crash that killed Senator Paul Wellstone, speculation began that his death wasn't an accident. Wellstone was opposed to many of the Bush government policies, including war with Iraq.

Although national media reported that during the pre-flight briefing, the pilots were told they would have...

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Plane Crash Linked to Defective Parts

Italian police have arrested six people for trafficking in defective Airbus spare parts that are suspected of causing the November 12 American Airlines crash in Queens, New York, in which 265 people died.

Officers of the Italian Finance Police, working in conjunction with the FBI, checked over six aging Airbus A300s that were parked in...

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