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Weekender - The Future Could Be Mind Controlled...

Watching the first kick of the football at the start of this year's World Cup was a very special moment, as the kick was taken by a paraplegic wearing an amazing mind-controlled exo-skeleton.

Juliano Pinto, a 29-year-old Brazilian man suffering from paralysis in his lower body, was able to control the legs of the special suit using...
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Pilots Spot UFOs

New releases of classified British UFO reports show increasingly that there has been no doubt in official circles for years that they are real craft of unknown origin. An RAF fighter pilot'...
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Mystery Object Menaces Two Planes

First, a pilot flying west of Denver reported a mystery object near his plane. The FAA dismissed the report. Now, a US Air crew reported a "flare-like" object near their plane over Philadelphia. How long can they deny this?

The FAA is investigating a corporate jet pilot's radio...
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