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Weekender: Organic Food - Hyped or Health-Giving?

A new scientific review has made claims that organic foods are higher in nutrients and lower in pesticides compared with those grown in the now conventional method of intensive farming.
The review encompassed 343 previous peer-reviewed studies, assessing crop composition and foods, and the authors concluded that organic crops had higher...
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Monsanto Linked to Deaths of Thousands of Farmers

Farmers in developing countries are dying in their thousands from a mysterious kidney disorder, which has been termed as "Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology" (CKDu).

The disease is running rife through farmers from the rice paddy regions of Sri Lanka, and in El Salavdor, it is the second leading cause of death among...
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Monsanto Guilty of Poisoning French Farmer

Weed killers are killing us: Monsanto, the creator of pesticide resistant seeds--such as StarLink corn--has been found guilty in a court in France of poisoning a...
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Commonly Used Fertilizer May Lead to Breast Cancer

Not everything is happy down on the farm. Weed killers are killing us and some of the pesticides used on crops can prevent breast feeding and dietary cadmium, a toxic metal found in many farm...
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A Weed Killer is Killing Us

Monsanto's Bt and Roundup insecticides are not only killing weeds-- new findings show that they are also killing human kidney cells, even in low doses.

Roundup, designed to be used on GM crops, is also linked to infertility, killing testicular cells in rats within 1 to 48 hours of exposure. Roundup is also decreasing the population...
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Mystery Disease: Hysteria or Toxic Spill?

High school students in the small town of Leroy, New York have been coming down with strange tics and verbal outbursts, with no obvious cause. Several girls have even started using wheelchairs. Some people are saying that these are a result of "mass hysteria," but environmental activist Erin Brockovich thinks a toxic chemical spill 40...
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How Pesticides Affect the Classroom

Exposure when pregnant leads to trouble later - Here's something frightening (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show): While Pesticides have already been linked to disease, now they have been linked to one of the major scary problems in today's classrooms: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


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Pesticides Cancel Breast Feeding

Exposure to pesticides may make the daughters of women who lived near or, worked in, agricultural areas, unable to breast feed their children. Mexican and other Latina immigrants are the most vulnerable to this. These people, being mostly of Indian origins, also have the diabetes gene, making it easy for them to gain weight and hard for them to...

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Pesticide Problems Won't Go Away

New research shows that farmers who used agricultural insecticides in the last decade experienced increased neurological symptoms, even when they were no longer using the products. According to another study, the rate of new illnesses associated with pesticide exposure at schools increased significantly in children from 1998 to 2002.


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Pesticides May Cause Parkinsons

Preliminary results from a study of thousands of farmers in Iowa and North Carolina suggest that exposure to several crop pesticides may be linked to the development of Parkinson's disease.

Doctors have observed that the neurodegenerative disease is more common in people who live in farming communities, leading them to speculate that...

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