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We Don't Know Why Some Men are Pedophiles

Pedophilia was once thought to stem from psychological influences in early life, but now psychologists think it's a deep-rooted sexual orientation as concrete as heterosexuality or homosexuality, limited almost entirely to men. It becomes clearer during puberty and...
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Who is to Blame for Priest Pedophilia?

We've all heard about the fact that so many Catholic clergy are "in the closet." It's hard to believe, but it's true: The Vatican denies that this is the problem--instead, they are blaming the 60s "hippie" generation for today's epidemic of pedophilia in...
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The Abused Do Not Always Abuse

When we read about pedophiles and learn that few of them can ever change, we despair because almost all sexual abusers were abused as children themselves. It seems like there's a continuous, unending cycle of abuse being passed on. Now a new study finds that most men who were sexually abused as boys do not go on to abuse children themselves....

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