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Dangerous Particles in Our Food

Molecule-size particles are entering the food chain through processed foods and their packaging. Nanotechnology can help make products creamier without additional fat, as well as intensify and improve flavors and brighten colors.

Their small size allows nanoparticles to go places in the body that larger particles can't reach--they...
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Hold Your Breath?

It kills you if you eat it and it kills you if you DON'T eat it. What's that? Processed food from "fast food" franchises. A new study suggests that burger restaurants release more particulates into the air than most commercial trucks.

And holding your breath while walking past your local hamburger joint won't solve the...
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Atomic Particles Taste Good

Quantum entanglement, which Albert Einstein called "spooky action at a distance," occurs when two atomic particles are split apart, but still INSTANTLY copy each other--no matter HOW far away from each other they are (NOTE:...
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The Sun May Influence our POLITICS

We know that the Sun has an effect on radioactive particles here on Earth. As the 2012 presidential election starts to heat up, we ask ourselves: Could the Sun also...
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