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An Expensive Side Effect

Whenever we take a new drug, we're concerned about possible side effects. One of the most unusual side effects ever discovered has been found with high doses of drugs for Parkinson's disease?they caused people to become compulsive gamblers. Two patients each lost $60,000 in only three months.

Dr. Mark Stacy says, "In the same week I saw...

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Date Drug Good for Parkinsons

Researchers have discovered that Ecstasy is an excellent treatment for Parkinson's disease, despite the fact that in the past, the drug was condemned for causing it. New animal studies show Ecstasy can dramatically reduce Parkinson?s uncontrollable arm and leg movements.

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Fox's Co-Workers Got Parkinson's Too

Three former co-workers of Michael J. Fox all have Parkinson's disease, causing speculation that the disease may have an environmental cause. Nobody knows what causes Parkinson's disease. Scientists look for disease clusters, hoping this will help them turn up clues that can help with the search for a cure.

Fox and the three other...
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