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Blue Dye Means They'll Walk Again

The common food additive that gives M&Ms and Gatorade their blue tint may offer promise for preventing the serious additional damage that immediately follows a traumatic injury to the spinal cord. Maybe the lame really will get up and walk in the future!

ATP, the vital energy source that keeps our body's cells alive, quickly pours...

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Paralyzed People Walk Again

ChristopherReeve would have loved this: It's a robotic suit thatcan be worn by people who are paralyzed from the waist down,which enables them to walk, stand and even climb stairs. Arewheelchairs finally a thing of the past?

BBC News quotes paralyzed Israeli soldier Radi Kaiof, whohas been in a wheelchair for 20 years, as saying, "I...

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They May Walk Again

We may soon see people who spent years in wheelchairs get up and walk again.

A group of researchers think that, in the future, they may be able to use the body's own nerves to "bridge the gap" in the spinal cord that is left when paralysis occurs. Researcher Marie Filbin was able to do this for paralyzed rats. BBC News quotes researcher...

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People in Wheelchairs May Walk Again

The actor Christopher Reeve, who became paralyzed due to a riding accident, always insisted that he would walk again. He didn't live long enough to see an amazing new breakthrough that might have made this possible.

A vaccine that stimulates the production of immune cells called T-helper cells, could enable people with serious spinal...

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Chris Reeve May Walk Again

Actor Christopher Reeve could make a full recovery from paralysis if his spinal injury can be fixed. He became paralyzed from the neck down in 1995 after damaging his spinal cord in a riding accident, but doctors at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis say his brain has retained the ability to detect feeling and movement....

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