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They've Done it AGAIN

When researchers at CERN found neutrinos traveling at a speed faster than light, they were excoriated by the scientific community, so in order to prove their results were real, they done an IMPROVED version of their experiment--and the result is the same. If confirmed by...
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We May Live in Many Worlds at Once

Is our universe just one of many? Are some of these almost identical to ours? Scientists think this may be true and they have now created a test to investigate this theory (and if it is true, it...
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Alien Invasion?

Some people have theorized that so-called "aliens" are residents of a parallel universe who manage somehow to enter our reality--but how would they do it? One way would be through what quantum physicists call a "wormhole," even though...
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Do We Live in a Parallel Universe?

Scientists think we live in a "multiverse" consisting of an infinite number of parallel universes (NOTE: Subscribers...
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Improve Your Future

...the QUANTUM way! - Don't like your life? Casting around for a new career? The solution is simple: move to another parallel universe where things are better. We might even be able to avoid an accident that might lead to our death. Quantum physicists think this may have to do with selective forgetting.

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Are They Real?

Do parallel universes exist? New research proves that they DEFINITELY do. There are many versions of "you" out there somewhere.

In the Sept. 22-28 edition of New Scientist magazine, Zeeya Merali writes, "If you think of yourself as unique, think again?our world is just one of many. You are just one version of many."

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How to Detect Other Dimensions

Do parallel universes exist? The quantum physicists that we've interviewed on Dreamland say they definitely do, although we don't know much about them yet. They?re like electrons, in that we can't actually see them, but we can see the influence they have on the energy released by the "Big Bang" that began the universe 13 billion years ago.

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Parallel Universes May Be Physically Real

The September 2001 issue of Discover Magazine has an interview with physicist David Deutsch of Oxford University in English, who believes that parallel universes are real. If Deutsch?s ideas are correct, there is more than one ?you,? and you are reading this article countless times, in many different universes. In other universes, the article...

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