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Suicide Bombing Still OK

For the first time, the majority of Palestinians are no longer supporting Yasser Arafat, according to a new opinion poll. But they still support suicide bombing.

In the survey of 1,320 adults, conducted between August 18 and 20, only 26% still supported the Fatah movement, which is controlled by Arafat. They aren't voting for peace: a...

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Jerusalem Wall May Ignite Major War

A bulge in the wall of Jerusalem's Temple Mount may ignite a huge battle between Palestinians and Jews. This area is the holiest site in Judaism and is the only part that is left of the Temple Mount that was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. The Muslim mosque called the Dome of the Rock now sits on the site of the ancient temple. Jerusalem...

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Saudis Funding Palestinian Terrorists

Documents captured during the Israeli military offensive inApril give evidence for Saudi financing of Palestinianmilitants. The documents give details about the flow offunds from Saudi government institutions to Hamas and theIslamic Jihad, two groups that recruit suicide bombers.

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Death is a Master From Palestine

Secrecy News says, ?In their war against Israel, Palestinian terrorists have devised original, innovative ways of killing people that have not been widely reported?nails, ball bearings and other penetrating objects?[have] on occasion been laced with rat poison, which promotes internal bleeding in those wounded victims who are not killed...

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