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Acupuncture is an Effective Alternative to Codeine

 In February 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the use of codeine as a pain-reliever for children after tonsillectomies. Doctors were forced to look for a safer alternative, and have looked to the ancient art of acupuncture to provide an viable substitute.

A recent study, conducted by Dr. James Ochi, used...
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The Pain Problem

In our latest Insight, we post a wise letter from a reader, who gives Whitley some wonderful advice about his pain problem.

Among other things, he suggests that,...
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Meditation HEALS

Meditation actually HEALS by producing powerful pain-relieving effects in the brain (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show, as well as to a wonderful talk with Echo's interviewer, psychic medium...
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Oooh, My Aching Back!

What do you learn by looking at the spines of hundreds of Finnish twins? You discover that back pain is not just caused by exertion?it's caused to a large extent by genetics. And if YOU have it, at least you can tell when it's going to rain.

Researcher Javad Parvizi says you should believe your grandmother, friend or co-worker when they...

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Finding the Pain

Is that pain in your chest a heart attack or indigestion? You can't treat it if you don't know where it is. New research reveals that more areas of the brain than previously thought are involved in determining the location of pain.

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Back Pain?Not What You Think

Avoiding exercise because of lower back pain? Scientists nowsay that lack of activity, such as sitting in front of yourcomputer or TV, deactivates the muscles that support yourspine, causing the pain in the first place.

Emma Young reports in New Scientist that when young menspent eight weeks in bed in a German study, most of...

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Gene Makes You Sensitive to Pain?or Not

A small variation in a single gene makes the difference when it comes to how much pain you can stand. This gene makes catechol-O-methyl transferase (COMT), an enzyme that cleans up the brain chemical linked with pain sensation. A guy who can take a lot of pain?maybe an NFL player or a professional boxer?will have a different form of the gene...

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Men Feel Less Pain

We assume men become boxers, firefighters, soldiers, etc. because of their superior strength. But it may also be because males are better at tolerating pain than females. It turns out there are major differences in how the sexes perceive pain.

A protein called GIRK2 plays a major role in pain sensation and drug sensitivity in males but...

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Not Looking Really Helps

Does an injection hurt less if we don?t look while we're getting it? New research from the U.K. says it does.

Marisa Taylor-Clarke poked volunteers' forearms with a two-pronged device and asked them if they could tell whether they had been touched in one place or two. They were not able to see the device touching their skin. The first...

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Painkillers May Stop Bones From Healing

When we have a broken bone, do we have to suffer in order to heal? Despite the advances of modern medicine, maybe we do.

"It's time to tell the public," says Thomas Einhorn, an orthopedic surgeon at Boston University Medical Center. "It would seem that a prudent approach is to temporarily avoid the use of these drugs during bone healing...

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Why Back Pain is Hard to Beat

Many of our website readers and Dreamland listeners also listen to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM and they?re been worried about the recent bout of back pain that kept him off the air for so long. A new study shows why patients find it so difficult to recover from a back injury ? it?s because they start using the wrong muscles to bend and lift....

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