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Ozone Hole Almost Closed, Now Record Size

A year ago, we wrote that the ozone hole over the Antarctic was finally closing. Now "the growth at the moment is similar to 2000 when the hole was a record size," says Australian scientist Andrew Klekociuk. At that time the hole explanded to 10.9 million square miles, which is three times the size of Australia or the U.S. Why is this happening...

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Ozone Hole is Finally Closing

In the midst of all our worry about global warming, we seem to have forgotten about the ozone hole. Now there's good news that shows how the right response CAN make a difference: The ozone hole over Antarctica may close within 50 years, because the level of ozone-depleting CFCs in the atmosphere is declining.

Australian researcher Paul...

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Ozone Hole Makes Antarctic Both Cooler & Warmer

There have been conflicting reports about whether Antarctica is warming up or cooling down. Now scientists have discovered that this has been caused by the ozone hole.

Changing wind patterns triggered by the ozone hole are causing some areas to warm while others cool, according to a new study by David Thompson of Colorado State...

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Ozone: This Year?s Hole & A New Way to Destroy Anthrax

With all the news coming out about terrorist attacks, we tend to forget about our old nemesis, the ozone hole. How big is it this year, anyway?

Each year around August the ozone hole begins to open as light from the springtime Sun over the Antarctic triggers the chemistry of ozone destruction. It contracts again in December.

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