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Ozone: Good and Bad

Ozone helps shield people, animals and crops from damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. Much of the concern about the ozone layer has focused on Antarctica, where a seasonal hole, or thinning, has been seen for two decades, and the Arctic, where a hole was observed last year. But those regions have almost no population.
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Now That There's a Food Shortage Going On...

We need to think about OZONE again! - We've warned about food shortages before, but now there's a new reason crops are being damaged: ozone. Global warming, bee deaths, droughts and fuel prices are just a few reasons for the current global food crisis that is making headlines around the world. Rising levels of ozone in the...

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Save One, Destroy the Other?

Closing the ozone hole has been good for global warming too. Now an idea is being proposed to offset global warming by injecting reflective particles into the stratosphere. But this would have a drastic impact on Earth's protective ozone layer.

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Ozone is the Missing Link

Ozone may prove the key to the link between high temperature (they kind caused by climate change) and the increased risk of death from heart disease or stroke.

Rresearchers studied almost 100 million people in 95 different geographical areas across the US during the summer months of June to September, and looked at health and weather...

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The Hidden Culprit: Ozone

Does Ozone contribute to global warming? New research shows that it could be a bigger factor in climate change than scientists have realized.

Ozone gas occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It's formed in the stratosphere by the action of solar radiation on oxygen. It is also caused by man-made pollution. Ozone absorbs part of the...

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Fixing the Ozone Hole HELPED

Good news: the ozone hole is closing, due to a 1987 international agreement that banned the use of ozone-destroying chemicals. Even better news: this is good for global warming too, since chloroflurocarbons (CFCs?which were once used in air conditioners, refrigerators and as propellants in some cleaning products) are also major greenhouse gases...

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Good News: Ozone Hole is Closing

Finally, some good news about the environment: the ozone hole over the Antarctic is closing and may disappear by the year 2050 because of the reduction in emissions of ozone-depleting gases.

What does ozone do for us, anyway? It protects us from excess radiation from the sun. The magnetic shield around the earth does the same thing, but...

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Ozone Layer Thins, Childhood Melanoma Increases

Climate change has been causing an unexpectedly rapidthinning of the ozone layer worldwide, as melanoma,previously thought to be a disease of adults, has suddenlybegun increasing in children.

The decline of the ozone layer has been a source of humor ontalk radio programs and among politicians, who have advisedthose with environmental...

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Cosmic Rays May Cause Ozone Holes

Cosmic rays are eating away at the Earth?s protective ozone layer, according to Canadian radiation scientists Qing-Bin Lu and Leon Sanche of the University of Sherbrooke. They claim to have discovered an important process underlying the growing ozone hole over the southern hemisphere. But atmospheric scientists are not so sure.

Lu and...

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