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New Scientific Evidence Suggests That Life Continues After Death

The mystery of what happens to our consciousness after death has preoccupied man since he was first able to philosophise. Most of the world's religions are based around the premise that our souls continue to live after our physical demise, most suggesting that we go on to inhabit a heavenly place in the care of a deity or higher being. Science,...
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Scientists Scan Brain During Woman's OBE--With Surprising Results

A psychology graduate student at the University of Ottawa says that she is able to leave her body at will, and has now done this while under a brain scan. It's clear from the results that OBE is a special state, not a normal state of drowsiness, self-hypnosis or imagination. While her sleep quality was somewhat lower than normal, she had a...
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Learn How to Travel Out-of-Body: Class Starts Saturday

Discount for our readers and listeners,must sign up TONIGHT - Robert Bruce, who has been on Dreamland many times, is starting another online out-of-body workshop on April 26. To see a demonstration of one of his classes, click here. As a Dreamland listener, you can receive a 25% discount! Just identify yourself when you sign up...

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Learn to Travel Out of Body!

Anne Strieber recently interviewed Maureen Cauhill, the author of Suddenly Psychic, on Dreamland. Robert Bruce has been a guest on Dreamland several times. Now these two popular personalities will be giving a workshop together at the Monroe Institute in Virginia. Keep reading for details!

From Friday, May 18 to Monday, May 21, Caudill...

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This Week on Our Radio Shows: Remote Viewing, Exploding Toads and Forbidden Wisdom!

Linda Howe leadsDreamlandoff this week with one of the most bizarre biologicalmysteries in decades:explodingtoads. Then Whitley, who has personally studied remoteviewing, talks with one of its legendary originators:RussellTarg. OnMysteriousPowers,Anne talks with Doug Kenyon,who has just published an amazing book of essays about...

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When the Cat's Away

While collecting letters for our new Communion Letters file, we came across this story, which is not about UFOs or visitors, but is a kind of after death experience (keep reading).

"Mark" writes: Up until a few days ago, my friend Marge had two black male cats?Cassius and Columbus. They had each been with her for more than five years....

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OBE Created by Brain Stimulation

Doctors say they caused a female patient to have out-of-body experiences by stimulating her brain. They believe this explains what happens when people who are clinically dead report experiences of leaving their body and watching it from above. They didn't create the effect intentionally?it happened while they were treating her for epilepsy.

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