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Have We Got Bin-Laden Surrounded?

The Sunday Express in England says Osama bin-Laden has been located and is surrounded by U.S. special forces in a mountainous area bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan. They say bin-Laden has been "sighted" for the first time since 2001 and is being monitored by a National Security Agency satellite. They received the information from "a well-...

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Bin Laden May Have Been Captured

The U.S. recently launched an attack in Afghanistan on al-Qaeda and Pakistani sources say several terrorists were captured?one of which may be the elusive Osama bin-Laden himself.The State Department report "Patterns of Global Terrorism in 2002" says terrorist attacks around the world declined 44%, from 355 in 2001 to 199 in 2002....

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Bin-Laden Hiding in Yemen

We now not only know that Osama bin-Laden is alive?we know where he is. British special forces say he fled Afghanistan last year and is being protected by tribesmen in his ancestral homeland in Yemen. He's living in the tribal region of Hadhra Maug, where his father was born. Intelligence has also picked up increased "chatter" from the region...

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Serious Claims that Osama is Alive

Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden is alive and planning more terrorist attacks around the world, according to Richard Nobel, the head of Interpol. He says, ''Intelligence experts all agree that right now al-Qaeda is preparing a high-profile terrorist operation, with attacks targeting not just the U.S. but several countries at the same time. The...

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August Terrorism?

The London-based Ash Sharq al-Awsat newspaper has reportedthat al-Qaeda will carry out a series of terrorist actionsin August and Osama bin-Laden will appear on video shortlyafterwards.

Al-Qaeda sources told the paper that "Sheikh bin Laden isalive and will appear in a videotape after carrying out thisoperation to confirm that he is...

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