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Looking for Alien Life Forms? They Are Living Here On Earth...

Astronomers continue in their quest to discover alien life forms in the cosmos, but naturalists suggest that they should look closer to home as there is still a host of undiscovered species lurking on our own planet.

This month a species that has defied classification for thirty years has finally been named by scientists, though they...
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Life Created in a Test Tube

In a laboratory in San Diego, a team of chemists and biologists are trying to create life in a test tube filled with liquid. Scientists don't all agree on what the definition of life is, but they DO agree that it must have the ability to evolve and...
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Life From Space

Scientists working to replicate the harsh conditions of space, with its cold temperatures, radiation and lack of air,have managed to get artificial cell membranes to form, proving that life could have originated in space. For life toexist in cellular form, each cell must be surrounded by a protective membrane. These cells then combine together...

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