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Weekender: Organic Food - Hyped or Health-Giving?

A new scientific review has made claims that organic foods are higher in nutrients and lower in pesticides compared with those grown in the now conventional method of intensive farming.
The review encompassed 343 previous peer-reviewed studies, assessing crop composition and foods, and the authors concluded that organic crops had higher...
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Let Food be Thy Medicine: A Hospital Opens an Organic Garden

Hospital food that doesn't kill everything it touches--this should not be news but it is. Why? Because most hospital food is well capable of damaging the health of the very patients hospitals are supposed to be helping.

The standard of hospital food has always been criticized; in fact many patients joke that they feel worse after...
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Only the Rich Eat Well in China

The food the ordinary Chinese eat may sometimes consist of soy sauce made from hair sweepings, but just as in the old Soviet Union (where the Communist elite shopped in special stories while ordinary folks stood in long lines to buy toilet paper), the Chinese...
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Organic Cheating

How can you tell if food labeled "organic" REALLY IS organic? The US has already lowered its standards for organic foods.

In, Christopher Wanjek writes that scientists in Spain are developing methods to detect food that has been grown with synthetic fertilizers. This is especially important now that they are part of the...

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Organic Food IS Better

We reported over 4 years ago that organic food actually IS healthier to eat. Now a 10-year-study reaffirms that this is true.

In New Scientist, Duncan Graham-Rowe reports that the heart-helping compounds called favonoids are 79 to 97% higher in organic tomatoes. Researcher Alyson Mitchell says this difference is probably explained by the...

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Organic Food Standards Weakened

Congress has amended the Organic Food Production act to allow food additives and processing aids such as chemical stabilizers in organic foods, without public review. It has also granted organic food producers the right to continue antibiotic treatment and genetically engineered feeding of young cows prior to their entering organic production,...

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Organic Food Actually Healthier

Most people like organic vegetables because they're worried about pesticides and genetically-modified crops or they think they taste better. Now it's been discovered that organics contain more healthy compounds than regular crops. Tests comparing organic and non-organic berries and corn show organics contain up to 58% more polyphenolics, which...

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