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Weekender: Organ donations - A Slice of Someone Else's Life?

In a world where our ability to play "make do and mend" with the human body seems to increase on a daily basis, Unknown Country looks at the subject of organ donation and its potential physical, mental and even spiritual impacts.
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3D Printers: Will We Soon be Able to Print Out Replacement Body Parts?

3D printers are now being utilised for a variety of different mediums; in fact, there seems to be no limit to their potential.

In Britain, they are being used to create the ultimate chocolate gift by a company called ChocEdge. The company, which grew out of a University of Exeter project in 2012, can create a unique sculpture of your...
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Kidneys for Sale

When we hear news about Iran's nuclear ambitions, we think of it as a prosperous country, but some people there are desperately poor and some of them are selling their kidneys to make money, since you can survive with just one.

Iran is the only country...
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