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Still Unexplained: The Mysterious Marfa Lights of Texas

Since 1833, strange orbs of light have been sighted over the Texan town of Marfa.
Numerous explanations have been put forward to explain the yellow-orange glowing luminous objects but, to date, no viable cause has been determined.

The first recorded witness, Robert Reed Ellison, saw the lights one night whilst herding cattle...
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Mysterious Lights

Strange lights have been observed by scientists in Norway for 30 years?and no, they are not UFOs. One of the most puzzling things about them is that they seem to be responsive to observers on the ground. Now researcher think they are balls of energy?they just don't know what KIND of energy.

In the Norway Post, Rolleiv Solholm reports...

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This Week?s Dreamland: The Coming Magnetic Pole Shift and BEYOND

We've got two outstanding shows for you this week. First, onDreamland, Loren Coleman, author ofThe Copycat Effect, has aspecial report for us on the horrific rash of copycatmurders that took place last week. Then we go on to exploreeverything from the coming pole shift to the weird state ofthe sun to hidden Nazi connections in the US government...

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What are Orbs?

Some people say they are just specks of dust on camera lenses. But researcher Julie Ryder says, "The orbs are becoming more and more complex. They are consciousnesses from other dimensions and are trying to make contact with us. The more complex forms are teaching us to communicate."

Martin J. Kidston writes in the Helena (Montana)...

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UPDATE: Stunning New Orb Shots

Greg Avery, the MUFON State Director for Louisiana, has become one of the world?s most dogged orb hunters, and he has the pictures to prove it. You can see a sample of them below. Click on any image to make it larger.

But what are orbs? Why doesn?t Greg think they?re just out of focus raindrops or dust particles? And what DOES he think...

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