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Weekender: 280,000 on NSA Watch List with 'No Terror Affiliation.' WHY?

The Intercept, which originally published the Edward Snowden classified materials, appears to now be publishing materials from a new NSA leaker, and the results are disturbing. The leak involves the number of people on NSA watchlists, and reveals that the organization is tracking 280,000 people who have no terrorist affiliations. But why, and who...
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Google is Either Lying to the Court or the Public about Privacy

Google is either lying to the court or lying to the public, Consumer Watchdog said today, after the Internet giant made new public claims asserting it respects users’ privacy--claims that are starkly contradicted by an earlier court filing it would probably prefer you not see. Google told...
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Unknowncountry Weekender: How to Go Private Online in a Data-Hungry World

Big Data—it means that everyone from the government to the average website can follow your every movement on the internet. Go to a website to look at a possible new car and the next thing you know, when you go to Facebook, car dealer ads are appearing on your page. Make an internet phone call, send an email—somebody’s watching,...
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