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Oil Wars Unnecessary?We Have Plenty of Oil

An economist says that U.S. policy in the Middle East is driven by baseless fears that an "oil weapon" can cut off our fuel supply.

Roger J. Stern argues that the decades-old belief that petroleum-rich Persian Gulf nations must be appeased to keep oil flowing is imaginary and the threat of deployment of an "oil weapon" is bogus. He...

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Hybrid Cars Can be Made Even Greener

Hybrid automobiles can be made even more environmentally friendly by the addition of solar cells. Environmentalist Steven Letendre says, "If the 200 million cars in the United States had 500 watts of solar cells integrated into their body panels, it would represent roughly one-seventh of the total installed generating capacity in the United...

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How the U.S. Can Run Without Oil

Whitley and Anne Strieber were shocked to discover recentlythat it cost $40 to fill the gas tank of their small car. Itused to cost half that much. It's clear that the U.S. needsto stop relying on foreign oil, but how can we do it?

The Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has a plan. Together withthe Pentagon, they have issued a plan for...

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Plenty of Fuel on the Ocean Floor

We earlier wrote about a research group that has put out apaper, inconjunction with the Pentagon (the world's largest oilpurchaser), about how the U.S. can become a country that nolonger uses oil?or at least not as much of it. While weworry about the world oil shortage, which is raising oilprices dramatically and forcing us to trade with...

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Seabirds Covered with Oil?But No Oil Leak

Sea birds are landing on California?s beaches covered withoil, but there is no oil leak in the ocean. Scientistsstudying the situation say the oil is not coming upnaturally from the ocean floor. They are planning to analyzethe oil coming off the birds' bodies so they can try toidentify its source.

Charlie LeDuff writes in the New York...

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Is Oil Forever?

While most oil experts think we're running out fast, a small group thinks that oil is a renewable substance, produced under high heat and pressure deep within the Earth's crust. That means we would never run out of oil, since it's always being created. However, if we keep burning it forever, it will be the end of us, since it produces...

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Saudi Oil May be Over

Five foreign oil workers were recently killed in Saudi Arabia, meaning terrorists may get control of the oil industry there. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons the U.S. is in Iraq. If this keeps occurring, expect to see even higher oil prices. Meanwhile, according to Whitley, we have a disaster in the Middle East.

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Wars Caused by Oil

If this is the case, would alternate fuels such as wind and hydrogen, which are available everywhere, mean an end to war? If we change to nuclear power when oil runs low, will wars break out in countries with large uranium deposits?

Paul Reynolds writes in that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was partly caused by a U.S....

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Why There Will Be Less Oil in the Future

OPEC is planning to cut back on oil production, meaning the price of gas will continue to rise. One reason behind this move is that Saudi Arabia is in the same situation as Texas: they're having trouble extracting the remaining oil from the ground. Oil expert Matthew Simmons says, "The easy oil era is over.

"The small number of great...

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Less Oil Than We Thought

We recently reported that the University of Uppsala in Sweden warns that in ten years, oil supplies will drop to disastrously low levels. Now The Financial Times reports that Royal Dutch Shell says it has much lower reserves that it previously stated. On analyst calls this cut "staggering."

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Is There an Oil Shortage in our Future?

Every year the world uses four times as much oil as it finds. The major discoveries are in the past?the future depends on finding small deposits and finding new ways to exploit the old ones. When oil stocks get low, it takes almost as much energy to extract them from an oil well as the well produces. In the U.K., they've just found the biggest...

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World Oil Shortage in Next Decade

A team from the University of Uppsala in Sweden says we can stop worrying about greenhouse gases, because in ten years, oil supplies will at disastrously low levels. The world's oil reserves are 80% less than was predicted earlier. Kjell Alekett says, "Non-fossil fuels must come in much stronger than it had been hoped." Despite this, the...

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Oil Mysteriously Appearing in Dry Wells

Around the world, geologists are noticing that old, dry oil wells are mysteriously filling back up. New oil is also being discovered in fields where it previously hasn?t existed.

Mahlon Kennicutt of Texas A&M University thinks the new oil is surging upward from deposits deep below the ones currently being used. "Very light oil and...

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Oil Supplies Getting Low

Global supplies of crude oil will peak as early as 2010 and then start to decline, ushering in an era of soaring energy prices and economic upheaval, according to an international group of oil specialists. They hope to persuade oil-dependent countries like the United States to stop wasting the Earth's limited amount of fossil fuel. Americans,...

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Oil Greed Influenced U.S. Policy on Terrorism

In the book ''Bin Laden, la verite interdite'' (''Bin Laden, the forbidden truth''), just published in France, the authors Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie reveal that early in his administration, George W. Bush was pressured by oil companies to stop investigations into terrorism.

Brisard and Dasquie have long experience in...

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