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If We Could Only Use Our Coal

Western countries worry that the Middle East wars andterrorist threats mean there will be a shortage of oil inthe future. Both the U.S. and U.K. have plenty of coal, butburning it would cause heavy pollution as well as escalateglobal warming. But there might be a way to have our coaland use it too.

Alex Kirby writes in that...

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Popeye to the Rescue

We always knew that spinach would save us somehow, and now it looks like it may be able to combat global warming. Solar cells give us hope that we may be able to avoid fossil fuels in the future, and drastically cut greenhouse gases. Theproblem is, they're not very efficient. But that's wherespinach comes in?

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Is There a Perfect Fuel?

Cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells look like they could bring us clear skies tomorrow, because we'd no longer have to worry about either CO2 emissions or an oil shortage. Major oil producers don't want to be left out, so they've developed a system that converts gasoline to hydrogen in order power a fuel-celled car. But if we start with oil,...

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Oil Man Worries Too

The head of one of the world's biggest oil companies admits that the threat of climate change makes him "really very worried for the planet." Ron Oxburgh, the chairman of Shell, says, "No one can be comfortable at the prospect of continuing to pump out the amounts of carbon dioxide that we are pumping out at present?with consequences that we...

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What Will Cars of the Future be Like?

With high gas prices and impending fuel shortages, how will cars of the future be different from the ones we have now?

We won't have hydrogen propelled cars any time soon. Although they were first through of in the 1840s, and they emit harmless water vapor, extracting hydrogen from water uses up lots of gas. Hydrogen in the form of gas...

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Attacking America Through Oil

Americans may feel that the recent Al-Qaeda attacks inside Saudi Arabia serve the Saudis right, since they've enabled and even funded the 911 terrorists, as long as they did their dirty deeds in some other country. However, this is also yet another way of attacking the U.S., since it causes the price of oil to rise. If terrorists succeed in...

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Hybrid Savings: It Depends on How You Drive

Some owners of new hybrid cars can't figure out why they don't get the 55 or higher miles per gallon they've been promised. It turns out you won't save much on gas unless you drive the right way. Honda spokesman Chris Naughton tells Civic Hybrid owners not to drive too fast or brake too hard, and says, "Be mindful that (fuel-efficiency) can...

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Are Hydrogen Cars Possible?

It's long been thought that hydrogen cars won't be a reality for many years, due to the problems with the volatile gas leaking into the atmosphere (and perhaps igniting and blowing up the car). The hydrogen atom may be free and available to all, but it's also so small that it's almost impossible to contain. But scientists are working on the...

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