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Scientists Find a Way to Fast-track Production of Fossil Fuels

The search for a viable alternative to fossil fuels has been ongoing for many years. Our oil reserves are not unlimited, and the question of "what to do when the oil runs out" has been hanging in the air like exhaust fumes from a diesel engine.

Consequently, the search for new and innovative ways to create biofuels is an...
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Food Fuel

While we're all trying to figure out what is the best fuel to burn in our cars, some unexpected sources have turned up with some surprising ideas.

BBC News reports that in the UK, McDonald's restaurants (which have been strongly criticized in Europe for encouraging the obesity epidemic there) has agreed is to convert all its delivery...

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Can We Run Our Cars on Coal?

There would be no oil shortage if we could use our coal, since we have LOTS of it. But burning it releases greenhouse gases, and what we need most is a clean way to power cars.

Researchers Burt Davis and Rodney Andrews are exploring ways to increase the efficiency of converting coal to liquid fuel. Davis says, "North America is...
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It's All About Oil

Six years ago, Dreamland co-host Jim Marrs said, "It's all about oil." Now the Australian defense minister says the same thing about Iraq.

In the Independent, Kathy Marks reports that the Australian Defense Minister Brendan Nelson "admitted that oil was a major factor in the government's decision to keep troops in Iraq...
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We are Running Out of Oil

Scientists say that our oil reserves are disappearing at a faster rate than our governments and the oil companies are willing to admit. A new report from British Petroleum (BP) says that there are enough "proven" oil reserves to keep us going, at current usage rates, for another 40 years. But researchers say that oil production will peak in the...

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Oil Shortage Begins

Is it the beginning of the end? According to a Swedish physicist, global oil production will peak sometime between 2008 and 2018 and then start to decline. Physicists have been right about this in the past.

In, Melinda Wenner reports that, "Since 1956, when American geophysicist M. King Hubbert correctly predicted that US...

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Earth Energy

We've investigated wind power and even garbage power. The next step may be to harness the power from deep within the center of the earth.

This is called "geothermal energy," and comes from wells that are a mile (or more) deep. These holes are drilled until they reach a level of hot rock, then water is pumped into the well, which turns to...

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Garbage Fuel

New biofuels technology can turn virtually any fat source, including vegetable oils and animal fat, into fuel to power jet airplanes. Soon we may not just be recycling or glass, paper and cans, we'll be recycling our cooking oil as well!

Researcher William Roberts says, "We can take virtually any lipid-based feedstock, or raw material...

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Cow Gas

If you have too much corn, you try to find a way to use it for fuel. If you have lots of cows, you do the same thing.

Cow manure, waste silage, cheese whey are waste products to some, but viable energy sources to researchers in New York State who are helping area dairy farmers meet their own energy needs by turning these waste products...

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What Oil Shortage?

According to a major geologist, if you think the world is on the verge of running out of oil or other mineral resources, you've been taken in by one of the biggrest myths about geology.

Eric Cheney says, "The most common question I get is, 'When are we going to run out of oil?' The correct response is, 'Never.' It might be a heck of a...

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A New Form of Fuel?

UPDATE - There's more news on using our surplus corn as fuel (in the form of ethanol). As our readers know, corn is not the best plant to use to convert into ethanol?other types of plants produce a more efficient fuel. Honda thinks it has found a way to convert plants waste, such as leaves and stalks, into fuel we can burn in...

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Free Energy is REAL

UPDATE - People who remember being in UFOs often describe them as being powered by magnets. Now an Irish high-tech company is using the same method to defy the standard laws of physics and create free energy, but they can't get other scientists to look at their invention.

Physicists at Sterorn in Dublin are inviting...

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A Strange Twist on Alternative Fuels

Hydrogen fuel is not yet perfected for cars, but ethanol (made from corn) is already being used in some places. The latest news about hydrogen is that it has been successfully used to power a small drone airplane of the type now being used by US forces in the Middle East. The latest news about ethanol is that you may someday be able to DRINK...

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Plenty of Oil Right Here in the US

The news show 60 Minutes recently aired a report on vast oil fields that have been discovered in Canadian shale. We recently posted a story about huge oil reserves in Venezuela.Now it turns out the largest oil reserve in the world may be right here in the United States. Some scientists say that oil is not even a fossil fuel, but is being...

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Can Corn Solve the Gas Crisis?

We know we have a gas crisis?one that leads to not only to global warming from auto emissions, but also to war. Some researchers think that corn can save us?and save faltering Midwestern farms at the same time. But there are a few problems to be solved along the way, and one of these has to do with water.

Producing a gallon of ethanol...

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Solution for High Gas Prices

Designers assure us that the highways of tomorrow will be filled with lighter, cleaner and more fuel-efficient automobiles made in from recycled plastics (from things like soda bottles), wood pulp and cellulose.

Researchers at General Motors are pinning their hopes on a substance called carbon fiber, an extremely strong thin fiber made...

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The Reason We Went to War (Continued)

We recently reported on accusations that 911 was a conspiracy. Some people think the real reason we invaded Iraq was not 911, but oil. Now Greg Palast writes in The Guardian that the Iraq war IS all about oil, but according to Palast, we didn't invade Iraq three years ago in order to have more oil, we went to war so we'd have less (and the oil...

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Huge Geysers in Oklahoma

We've all heard about oil geysers, spurting up suddenly out of the ground, but nine-foot-high geysers spewing natural gas have suddenly sprung up in Oklahoma, and geologists aren't sure why.

Tony Thornton writes in The Oklahoman that, according to a local geologist, these are caused by gas leaking out of natural rock fractures, although...

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Will Vermont Secede from the Union?

Vermonters will decide at their Convention on Independence, which will be held in the House Chamber of the State House in Montpelier on Friday, October 28th, 2005. This will be the first statewide convention on secession in the US since North Carolina voted to secede from the Union on May 20, 1861, starting the Civil War. The problem this time...

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Oil Prices High This Winter: Plan Ahead

Consumers beware: oil and gas prices may double our even triple this winter, according to Matthew Simmons, author of Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy. James Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency (a recent Dreamland show) agrees.

A cold winter has been predicted. Like most energy experts, he thinks...

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CIA Goes Green

The government is using our tax dollars to research self-propelled cars and edible space rovers, neither of which will be of much use to the average person. But the CIA is working on a generator that produces electricity with no fuel?now THAT'S something we could use!

John Dillin writes in The Christian Science Monitor that SkyBuilt...

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This Can't be Missed

James Kunstler, a recent guest on Dreamland radio who has written the book "The Long Emergency," recently gave a speech that absolutely every American needs to hear. He said, "Never before in American history have the public and its leaders shown such a lack of resolve, or even interest, in circumstances that will change forever how we live....

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No Gas? Burn Grass!

A new hybrid grass may become a valuable fuel source that can substitute for oil, coal and natural gas. Miscanthus giganteus can grow 13 feet high. Europeans have been burning compacted grass pellets for decades. They don't use them in their cars, but that day could be coming soon. Meanwhile, grass makes an excellent biofuel for home heating....

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High Gas Prices? Blame the Customer

Gas prices are rising so quickly, in response to the situation in the Middle East and do disasters like Katrina, that university professors are researching how to save gas. However, gas prices tend to fall much more slowly, and experts say this is partly the fault of consumers.

How can this be when we feel like the victims? But a recent...

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Turn Your Car into a Super Prius

Usually souped-up street rods are created by teenagers. But if you're an engineer, you can convert your Prius into a 250mpg super-miser by adding a few more batteries and plugging it in overnight. This extra energy costs less than twenty-five cents a day. And Ron Gremban lives in California, where hybrids can now use the car pool lane, even if...

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Oil Prices Will Continue to Go Sky High

Will oil prices hit $380 a barrel? A new report warns thatcrude prices, now about $50 a barrel, could rise that muchby 2015. Energy Economists Patrick Artus and Moncef Kaabi,of the French investment bank Ixis-CIB, warn that in thenext 10 years, demand for oil?especially in China?willoutstrip supply by around 8 million barrels per day. Theydon't...

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Danes to Claim North Pole

The Chinese want to claim the moon for its valuableHelium-3, although the U.S. has vowed to return and plantanother American flag there first. Now Denmark wants tostake a claim to the North Pole, so they can hunt for theoil that has become more accessible due to thinning icecaused by global warming.

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Can We Dig Deeper for More Oil?

As China modernizes, it uses more oil, while an unstableMiddle East means there's less oil available. Oil wells arecurrently drilled 3 to 5 miles into the Earth's crust. If wedig deeper, will we discover more oil?

Geophysicist Russel Hemley says, "?Experiments point to thepossibility of an inorganic source of hydrocarbons at greatdepth...

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Why Gas Prices are at Record High

Oil is trading for between $47 and $44 a barrel, and someexperts think it will reach $50 in the near future. Thecauses are Iraq, Russia and hurricane Charley.

An attack on an Iraqi oil well, and the fact that oil fromIraq is still flowing at only half its former rate,contributed to this, but Iraq isn't the main reason for theprice rise....

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Can We Ever Stop Using Oil?

One way to avoid Middle Eastern conflict and pricevulnerability would be to wean ourselves from oil. But whatelse could we use?Coal ispolluting and would increase global warming. The mainproblem is our cars?no alternative fuel has been discoveredyet that works in them and companies aren't trying todevelop one because it would be taxed higher...

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