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Your Office is Loaded With Germs

Here's another way men and women are different: Men's offices have more bacteria than women's offices. Also, New York City offices have more germs in them that San Francisco offices (and what about the bathrooms...
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Can You Trust Your Boss?

When you start a new job, your boss may be more likely to trust YOU than you are to trust him (or her). But if he's like most CEOs these days, one thing you CAN trust him to do is exit with a big payoff, even if he's fired.
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Is Your Boss Crazy?

Jobs are so scarce these days, that you might have to put up with him or her, but here's the bad news: a recent study claims that 25% of CEOs meet the criteria for a psychopathic personality. If you've every thought, "That sounds like MY boss," you might be wondering what to do about it.
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Don't Eat Off Your Desk!

First we found out that business travel is dangerous, then we found out that staying in your office and inhaling the dust on your desk is dangerous too! Now we learn that trying to save money by eating at...
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Your Office Makes You Fat

If you can catch fat from the people around you, this may make sense: Your office can make you fat. Is all that sitting making you wider? Although office snacks might boost morale are they...
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Don't Want to Take the Meeting? Send Your Avatar

In the future, everyone may have an avatar--a double who does tasks that you don't want to perform. Your avatar will make a better impression than you would and, since you program it, everyone else it deals with (who may be avatars themselves) will know that its decisions are the same as yours.
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Monkey Biz in the Workplace

Does your boss drive you nuts? You can't get a new job in this recession, but you would swear this guy acts like an ape: bullying workers under him, strutting around, puffing out his chest, preening himself, adding touches of bright color (like a red tie) to his outfits. It might make you feel better to know that this is chimpanzee behavior!...

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One Bad Apple...

If you look around any organization, chances are you'll be able to find at least one person whose negative behavior affects the rest of the group to varying degrees. Just one negative person in an office or other organization can have powerful and often detrimental influence on the others. Where in the US are workers happiest? The UNhappiest...

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New Reasons to Take a Sick Day

Absenteeism is one of the major costs of doing business. Now researchers at NEC-Mitsubishi say a major reason for this is "Irritable Desk Syndrome" (IDS): long working hours, cluttered desks and poor posture are making people sick. Other researchers have discovered that if you have too much stress after you get your flu shot, it may not work!...

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