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Rapid Onset Of Climate Change Could Seriously Affect Feeding Patterns In Marine Life

Climate change is already upon us, experts say, and we are already feeling its adverse effects in the form of extreme weather events: scorching temperatures leading to droughts, torrential rains causing widespread flooding, and record freezes bringing feet of snow.

But what of the less obvious effects of global warming?

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Coastal Ocean Temperature Changes May Threaten Food Supply

Changes in coastal ocean temperatures have been much more extreme over the past 10 years than expected. This could especially affect California, which is a major breadbasket for the rest of the United States.

Researchers have also found that temperature determines...
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Neglected Oceans Need Help Fast

The Pew Oceans Commission, made up of 18 scientists, says the U.S. has a "frontier mentality" when it comes to our oceans, which includes ignorance, neglect and short-term planning (sounds like the way the government handles everything else as well). We know from Linda Howe's recent Dreamland report that big fish are being fished to extinction...

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