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Muscle Makes You Fat

For severely obese people who have trouble losing weight even when they stick to reduced-calorie diets, the explanation may lie in a surprising place?their muscles. Skeletal muscle retains a metabolic memory of obesity that "programs" it to amass fat. What to do? Exercise may be the key, and you don't need to do aerobics?a nice brisk walk every...

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Anne's Diary: What I Learned From the Fat Years

Using the science she's learned from writing the news every day, Anne Strieber recently lost one hundred pounds. Many of you are familiar with her recent near death experience, and she says ironically, "People think I lost the weight when I was in the hospital, so they don't give me credit for it, although itisn't true. When...

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Diet & Get Rich

Obese Americans who lose a lot of weight also build wealth as they drop pounds. A new study found that the link between weight loss and wealth gains was particularly strong among white women. Black women and white men also got richer as they lost weight, but not as much as did white women. The wealth of Black men was basically unaffected by...

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Swimming in Cold Water Can Make You Fat

Newswise - Swimming in the cold water of the ocean or a lake instead ofin the warm water of a swimming pool can increase yourappetite, making it harder to lose unwanted pounds. Thiscould be why swimmers, as compared to dieters who do otherforms of exercise, lose less weight. Researcher Lesely Whitesays,"A study] reported that...

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Bottle Feeding Babies is Big Business

Newswise - The current administration's almost total concern with thewelfare of Big Business, often to the detriment of theordinary citizen, is nothing new. In the 1950s, baby formulamanufacturers convinced mothers in this country thatbreastfeeding was embarrassing and unnecessary?and the U.S.government went along with this...

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Yes, Fat IS in Your Genes

German scientists have found that mutations in the MC4R genehave a "major" impact on people's body mass index. Peoplewho have the mutations are much heavier than those who donot.

The researchers examined the body weights and DNA of 181relatives of 25 extremely obese patients who carry the genemutation, and found that the people who had...

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Dieting Weakens Immune System

?And it doesn't work, either. Most dieters end up gaining more weight than they lost. Losing and regaining weight may harm your immune system, while maintaining the same weight over a long period of time is good for it.

When researchers studied 114 overweight but otherwise healthy women, they found that their immune system function had...

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Sugarless Sodas Doom Your Diet

When you're dieting, the natural thing to do is to reach for a diet soda, but this may actually prevent you from losing weight, because it confuses the body's natural ability to count calories based on sweetness.

Since the body doesn't register artificial sweeteners the same way it does sugar or fructose (the sugar in fruit), it doesn't...

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At Last: A Low Carb Spud!

People on low-carb diets find they miss potatoes the most. Now it may again be possible to eat a steamy bowl of mashing potatoes loaded with butter or gravy, or a huge baked potato with "the works," since horticulturists have invented a low-carb potato.

"Consumers are going to love the flavor and appearance of this potato and the fact...

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What Makes Us Eat More

Scientists have found that if you're offered a variety of different foods, you'll eat more. Researcher Brian Wansink found that people offered M&Ms or jelly beans will eat more if they're offered many different colors, even if they all taste the same. People who were offered 10 colors of M&Ms ate 43% more than people offered seven...

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Smells Can Make You Eat Less

The smell of good food coming from the kitchen always makes us hungry, but scientists now say these smells can actually make us eat less. Dr. Alan Hirsch, who has invented fragrance crystals to sprinkle on food, says the smell "fools your brain into thinking you've eaten more and thus you eat less. You can eat whatever you want to eat. You eat...

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Why Fat is a Political Hot Potato

In Anne's new diary, she talks about why our extra pounds aren't just a problem for us?they're a problem for the government too. She reveals why obesity could influence laws about parental maternity leaves and minimum wages. And don't miss her interview with singer Carnie Wilson, who lost hundreds of pounds and gained spiritual strength.

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Magic Bullets

Diets and diet pills affect our bodies, when the problem is really in our brains. But now, for everyone who has despaired of ever losing weight, scientists have discovered two "magic bullets" that work on our brain circuits. One helps you stop smoking and cuts your bad cholesterol too (the perfect drug!), while the other one works by using a...

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A Surprising Reason Why Soft Drinks Make You Fat

The rate of obesity in the U.S. started to increase in the 1970s, about the same time that manufacturers switched from sugar to cheaper corn syrup for their colas and other soft drinks. Now researchers say this may be because high fructose corn syrup?a food, like margarine, that is created in the lab and not found in nature?does not trigger the...

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Are We Fat Because Food is Too Cheap?

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says people in the U.S. are fat because our food is too cheap?despite the fact that poorer people tend to be the most obese. But although manufacturers are producing plenty of unhealthy things to eat, they're also making "feel good foods."

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When Fat Kids Diet, They Gain Weight

There are more obese children in the West than ever before in history, putting them at risk for type 2 diabetes and future heart disease. But when they try to diet, they gain more weight. How can this be happening?

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Fat Caused by Genes & Big Business

Icelandic researchers have isolated a gene that determines whether we'll be fat or thin. And a cheap sweetener used in almost everything we eat may play a major role in the obesity epidemic in America.

"Obesity and thinness are two sides of the same coin," says Kari Stefansson, of deCODE, who helped isolate the gene that determines what...

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Feast & Fast to Stay Healthy & Slim

Periodic fasting is good for the health and can help you lose weight, even if you gorge afterwards. It's known that mice live longer on a severely restricted calorie diet and it protects them from diseases and stress as well. But do we have to live a life of starvation? Scientists now think we can get the same benefits from alternately fasting...

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A Diet Just for You

Your boyfriend can lose weight just by giving up desserts for a week, while nothing you do will budge that extra ten pounds. Researchers have discovered that different genes are responsible for obesity in different groups of mice, so they assume it must be true for humans as well. This means there needs to be different ways to lose weight. Some...

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Modern Life Makes Everyone Fat

It's not just happening in the U.S.--people are getting fatter all over the world. Processed foods, which are high in saturated fats, sugar and salt, may be the cause, according to the World Health Organization. Surprisingly, the problem has similar causes in both the West and in developing countries. The rise in single parent households, or...

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And Here's the Solution

A drug can probably be developed that will let us eat as much as we want and not gain weight. It will also protect us from type 2 diabetes, which is related to weight gain.

Dr. Ronald Kahn studied mice that were genetically altered to have no insulin receptor in their fat, so they could eat all they wanted and not gain weight. They also...

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Here's the Problem?

Doctors can't figure out why Americans keep getting fatter, but Harvard economists can. The obesity crisis is the first time the classic economic model has been proved wrong, because in this case, increases in convenience and efficiency haven't benefited society. Fat people are starting to accuse big food firms of deliberately tempting them to...

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Fat May Be Our Future

Scientists have decided that so much of the human world is becoming fat that this represents a kind of evolution, which can be compared to the basic change in our species that took place 200 years ago which Europeans all became taller, due to improved diets. But while taller people who eat better are healthier, this new evolutionary shift...

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Woman Get Hungry Differently From Men

Women have higher rates of obesity and eating disorders thanmen do, and now scientists think they know why. New studiesof brain scans show that different parts of men's andwomen's brains react to hunger, as well as to feeling full.

Angelo Del Parigi, of the National Institute of Diabetes andDigestive and Kidney Diseases, used PET scans...

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Why Do Diets Fail?

Most dieters regain their lost weight. Scientists say the newly discovered appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin is what makes this happen.

Jamie Cohen writes in that the hormone, which is secreted in the stomach, sends messages to the brain that fluctuate throughout the day, depending on how full the stomach is. Ghrelin...

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Should You Suck Out That Fat?

A study by author Dr. Sharon Giese, an associate professor of plastic surgery at State University of New York, has found that overweight women who had large amounts of fat suctioned out experienced sustained weight loss as well as reduced blood pressure and improved insulin levels two years later.

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