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Stress Can Make You Fat

And fat can make you stressed - Depressed because you weigh more than you want to? It could be because you're stressed. Science has long documented the effect of extreme stress, such as war, injury or traumatic grief on humans. Typically, such situations cause victims to decrease their food intake and body weight. Recent...

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Depressed Because You're Fat

And fat because you're depressed! - It turns out that if you're depressed because you're fat (no surprise there), you're likely to get even FATTER, especially in the place you dread being fat the most: our stomach. But there ARE some surprises to be found out there. For instance, if you're worried about your memory, a fat tummy...

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Eating Right

It's not a miracle, it's just a fact: Raising prices by taxing cigarettes worked, because it caused a lot of people to stop smoking. Could it do the same thing for eating unhealthy foods? (And if you're overweight, you're more likely to get the flu!

A new study that followed participants for 20 years shows both weight and risk for...

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Scientists have identified cells in the stomach that time the release of a hormone that makes animals eat even when they are NOT hungry (like we humans sometimes do). But maybe that's not always a bad thing: People with large thighs have fewer heart attacks.

Researcher Rae Silver has some diet advice for us: "It's a good thing to eat...

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Diet Books Will Soon be Rewritten!

Because there is a NEW WAY to count calories - Maybe one of the reasons some of us are so fat is because we measure calories the wrong way. Calorie counts are created by incinerating food, but we don't burn food up, we digest it.

Nutritionists say that women should eat around 2,000 calories per day and men should eat 2,...

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Our Brains Make Us Fat

Our brains are what make us fat, not just our eating habits. A variation in a single gene is associated with an increased risk for obesity, because it influences our appetite.

People who have inherited the gene variant NRXN3 have a 10-15% increased risk of being obese compared with people who do not have the variant. This is the third...

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Eating Less NOT a Way to Live Longer

...unless you're a mouse - One of the most depressing pieces of scientific evidence for dieters has been the news that mice on severely calorie restricted diets live much longer?so therefore maybe we should eat that way too. The good news? It only works for mice!

If you are a mouse on the chubby side, then eating less...

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Maybe it's the sports - Sports fans have a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) than do people who are less personally committed and emotionally involved with a sports team.?and it's not just because they don't get off the couch! For some mysterious reason, the guys who go to the ball park are just as unhealthy (could it be because hot...

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Soon EVERYBODY will be fat!

According to a new study, roughly 86% of Americans age 18 and older may be overweight or obese by 2030 and related health care costs would double every decade and could reach $956.9 billion in 2030?1 of every 6 health care dollars spent. The study also estimates that by 2022, about 80% of adults may be overweight or obese, and 100% could be by...

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Chinese Food Can Make You...Fat?

We always thought that Chinese food was healthy, but now we're beginning to wonder. New findings show that MSG, a flavor enhancer commonly used in Asian dishes, may make you fat!

People who use monosodium glutamate, or MSG, as a flavor enhancer in their food are more likely than people who don?t use it to be overweight or obese even...

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Is it Genetic

...or caused by a virus? - Are you fat? It may not be your fault. If you were a fat child, it's probably genetic. It could even be due to the kind of bacteria you have in your intestines! Maybe you even "caught" it when you were exposed to a virus. But no matter how you got it, you DO need to do something about it, because...

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Coming your way soon? - The perfect diet would be one in which you keep eating the same amount, but still lose weight! It sounds impossible, but Australian scientists say they have discovered how to do just that.

By manipulating fat cells in mice, and removing a particular enzyme, they were able to speed up their...

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New Diet Pill in Our Future?

Why do some people get fat, while others?who may eating the same diet and exercising just as much?don't? Researchers have found that a single gene might control whether or not individuals tend to pile on fat, a discovery that may point to new ways to fight obesity and diabetes.

Biologist Jonathan Graff says, "From worms to mammals, this...

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Is Fat Contagious?

Is fat CONTAGIOUS? Are the people you hang out with making you fat? Researchers say the answer to both these questions is "yes." But if you're fat, it doesn't mean your love life is over, because fat people are attracted to each other.

New research reveals that may be caused by a VIRUS! Can we catch it from another fat person? Can be...

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Why Some People Get Fat (and Others Don't)

Not everyone gets supersized on a fast food diet. Why do some people get fat while others don't? Researchers are trying to figure out how our hormones and brains urge us to eat more than we should. It turns out that some people's hormones may actually be signaling their brains to send messages like "Eat a lot now," and "Go for the fat and sugar...

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Fat? It May be Dad's Fault

Fathers may be more important than mothers in determining whether a child becomes overweight or obese. And there is a critical age when many inner city children become overweight or obese: between the ages of 1 and 3 years old. If they can stay slim until then, they may not have to struggle with obesity later.

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Why Some People Get Fat...and Others Don't

Not everyone gets supersized on a high fat diet, and now reseachers are learning why. A new shows why some people can eat excessive amounts of food and not gain weight or develop type 2 diabetes, while others are more likely to develop obesity and this most common form of diabetes on any diet.

The study used two strains of mice with...

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Why Low Fat Foods Make You Fat

People?especially overweight people?consume up to 50% MORE calories when they eat low-fat versions of snack foods than when they eat the regular versions. And dieters want to know: are "trans fats" (whatever they are) really bad for you?

New York City has now banned the use of trans fats in its restaurants, and Los Angeles, Boston and...

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Fear Can Make You Fat

We recently wrote about how worry can actually make you sick, and it turns out that fear can make you fat?if you're too afraid of crime in your neighborhood to go out and take a walk.

Older adults living in disadvantaged urban neighborhoods have an increased risk of obesity and this may be due to fear caused by living in areas...

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Fight Fat With Seaweed

Chemists in Japan have discovered that brown seaweed?something we don't eat in the US, but which Japanese use extensively to flavor soups and salads?contains a compound which, in animal studies, promotes weight loss by reducing the accumulation of fat. Could this be another reason why the Japanese seem so much slimmer than we do?


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Dangerous Diet Drink

We recently wrote about how drinking cola?whether regular, diet or decaf?is dangerous for women. Now the Coca-Cola company is launching a new brand of cola that is even more dangerous, because it's essentially speed in a bottle!

Andrew Gumbel in the Independent the sales pitch for the new drink will be: drink cola and lose weight at the...

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Exercise and Get High

You don't need to smoke pot to get high?all you need to do is exercise! We recently wrote about how you can exercise adequately in just 6 minutes a week. But be sure to lots of sleep afterwards: women who don't get enough sleep tend to get fat.

In, Robin Lloyd interviews exercise expert Debbie Mandel, who explains why...

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Addicted to Sweets

If you're too fat, you need to figure out why before you can lose weight successfully. Scientists have discovered that stress makes us eat too much?especially sugar. It's actually another form of addiction, just like being addicted to gambling, cigarettes, drugs or alcohol.

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The Shape of Things to Come

Our genes determine how what shape we are, as well as how fat we get. Scientists can now take a DNA sample from you and tell?without even looking at your body?whether you're an hourglass or a pear-shape. Harvard's Ronald Kahn says, "By looking at your genes, we can tell how fat you are and how your body fat will be distributed."


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Will You Die in a Car Crash?

Whether or not you will die in a car crash may depend on whether or not you are too fat or too thin?but only if you're a man.

Researchers have found that being obese increases male drivers' risk of dying in a car crash, as does being very slim. However, being moderately overweight may be a good thing, since it cushions the blow. They...

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Graffiti Linked to Obesity?and Teenaged Males

Is there a lot of graffiti and litter in your neighborhood? If so, you are more likely to be fat. Would people in these neighborhoods become slender and healthy if graffiti and litter were cleaned up? It may sound crazy, but some scientists are taking this idea seriously. And who is responsible for all this graffiti? It was the same in...

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Why We Regain the Weight We've Lost

Have you noticed that diet books are no longer the bestsellers they once were? This is because 85% of the people who go on diets gain back all the weight they work so hard to lose. Why does this happen and is it inevitable?

A new study offers insight into why it's easier to lose weight than to keep it off for good. Body weight is...

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Portion Size Makes Us Fat

Newswise - At, we know what it's like to get fat, but we're here to HELP you, by posting a new chapter of Anne Strieber's diet book on this website every Monday. What makes people overeat? Researchers discovered that people eat too much when they are served large portions, even of foods they don't like.

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Is Splenda Safe?

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Fat kids Can Still Eat Halloween Candy

Newswise - It is time to scare away the myth that says that overweight children with type II diabetes can't enjoy Halloween because of their disease. The truth is they can still enjoy sweets as long as they keep their meal plan in check and follow their health provider's orders. Children with diabetes can enjoy any holiday?and...

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