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Fat Pills

The bacteria that lives in all of our guts may explain why we're fat. Farmers fatten up their livestock by feeding them antibiotics and when we eat meat and poultry,...
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Can Midnight Snacking be Genetic?

We all know that snacking before bed can pile on the pounds, but new research suggests that it can actually CHANGE the part of your brain that controls your desire to eat, so that you have a permanent, GENETIC desire to snack late at night. But soon we may be able to take an injection to avoid gaining weight!

At the University of Texas,...

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Baby Fat

Newswise - Babies who gain weight rapidly during their very first weekof life may be more likely to be overweight as young adults.And while there?s no question that being overweight is badfor your health, being underweight can lead to healthproblems, too, especially as you get older. Researcherssuspect that infants who are not...

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Skinny People Fidget, Fat People Sit

Are you thin or fat? If you squirm, fidget and tap your toesand fingers, you're probably thin. If you're always findingsomething to do, like shopping or cleaning the basement, andrarely sit down and watch TV, you're also probably thin. Allthese activities boost your NEAT?your "non-exercise activitythermogenesis."

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Do the Suburbs Make Us Fat?

Americans have been gradually getting fatter every year since World War II, and more and more of us have moved to the suburbs during that time, as well. Researchers now think it may be the suburbs that make us fat.

Researcher Arlin Wasserman noticed that when he moved from his native Philadelphia, where he biked everywhere, he gained...

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Diet Ads Tell Total Lies

Nearly 40% of weight-loss advertisements make at least one statement that is totally false, and about 55% of them include at least one statement that can't be backed up by research, according to an FTC report, which says that consumer testimonials and before-and-after photos "rarely portrayed realistic weight loss." The FTC evaluated 300...

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Fat? Sue!

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in New York Cityclaiming that fast-food chains knowingly serve meals thatcause obesity and associated illnesses.

Caesar Barber, who weighs 250 pounds, says four food chains-- McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and KFC -- havejeopardized his health with their greasy, salty food. As aresult of all the...

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