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Podesta has Expressed Interest in Revealing Truth about Alien Life

The truth is out there, and it seems that the man who is intent on revealing it has returned to the White House staff. Former chief of staff in the Clinton administration, John Podesta, has recently been appointed as President Obama's newest advisor, though his advice may prompt some rather interesting debates between himself and the President....
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Obama Descended from America's First Slave

Barack Obama is descended from the first person ever enslaved in the American colonies--an indentured servant who attempted to escape his indenture and was then enslaved for life. Not only that, this ancestor is distaff--on his mother's side--the white side of his family.

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Poll Says Obama Best if Aliens Invade

A recent National Geographic poll says that the public believes that Obama would be more effective at dealing with an alien invasion than...
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Mr. President, We Need Some Answers!

During a recent visit to the White House, the teenaged son of Will Smith, the actor who is starring in the sequel to "Men in Black" (NOTE: Subscribers...
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Why are UFOs Still a Secret?

When Obama first took office, there was hope that he would reveal what the government knows about UFOs, but he turned out to be an advocate of the...
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What Place Does Race Have in Politics?

All the controversy about Barack Obama's birth certificate, makes one wonder if racial prejudice among some white Americans--even if unintentional--influences their...
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What to Look for Tonight

In Obama's State of the Union speech - In January of 2008, we wrote about George Bush's upcoming State of the Union speech that a certified movement analyst would be watching it in a special way. A researcher gave us the following tips for figuring out what was REALLY going on in Bush's mind, and we can use these for Obama's...

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