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Math REALLY IS for the Birds

We know that the ancestors of birds were dinosaurs, so did these ancient giant creatures walk around counting the leaves on the trees? Because it turns out that some birds--pigeons, to be precise--are excellent at math. When it comes to counting, they match the...
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Is a Strange Date Lucky or UNlucky?

The date of 11:11:11--Is it  lucky? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

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Friday's Date?Was it Bad Luck?

Friday the 13th makes those of us who believe in luck a bit nervous. And today is only the first of THREE Friday the 13ths this year. Mathematician Thomas Fernsler says, "I know more than probably anybody really wants to know about [the number 13]." For instance, a year, like 2009, with a triple set of Fridays falling on the 13th typically only...

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