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U.S. May Use Mini Nukes

A leaked Pentagon document reveals the U.S. may produce a new kind of smaller nuclear weapon, designed for use in conventional warfare. This would mean abandoning global arms treaties. These weapons have a destructive power of less than five kilotons, and could penetrate an underground bunker before detonating. The Hiroshima bomb dropped in...

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Secret Report Promotes Warday Scenario

In 1984, Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka wrote ?WarDay,? a novel set in the near future about the outcome of a limited nuclear war. At the time, the Reagan administration was talking about the survivability of this type of warfare. Whitley and Jim pointed out that yes, we would survive, but there would be a terribly high price to pay.

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U.S. Reveals Nuclear Testing Caused Cancer

Radioactive fallout from Cold War nuclear testing exposed virtually everyone in the United States to potentially dangerous levels of radiation and contributed to about 11,000 cancer deaths, according to a study by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The radioactive exposure contributed to a minimum of 22,000 U.S. cancer...

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Iran May Have Nukes Soon

Israel?s Defense Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer says that Iran will soon have a nuclear bomb. ?By the year 2005, they will be able to produce for the world an Iranian nuclear bomb,? he says. Iran has been able to develop nuclear capacity with the support of both Russia and North Korea.

The Israeli minister expressed hope that the United...

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