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Weekender: The Case For "Safe" Nuclear Energy - Is it Really Possible?

Research into alternative energy resources could be on the verge of a major breakthrough that could change the world forever.
The military contracts company, Lockheed Martin, has been working on a safer version of nuclear energy known as "compact fusion." The research is being conducted by Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development...
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New Terrorist Attacks?Will We Be Warned in Time?

The government will give out iodine pills to people living near the Indian Point nuclear power plant in White Plains, New York, in case of a terrorist attack. This was decided after the recent warnings about attacks on nuclear power plants. In case of an attack, they would help prevent thyroid cancer by blocking the absorption of radioactive...

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Power Plant Terrorist Threat

U.S. intelligence officials have received threats that terrorists will strike a U.S. nuclear power plant on July 4. The threat received last week suggested that an unidentified Islamic terrorist group was planning to attack a nuclear power facility in the Northeast, but it did not specify a target. The Washington Times has suggested that...

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