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If You Try to Leave, They'll Kill Your Baby

North Korea has been accused of killing the babies of pregnant women who are brought back after escaping to China. These women are kept in a detention camp, where they are given abortions or else their babies are killed at birth, as a way to keep the North Korean race "pure."

Between 200,000 and 300,000 North Koreans are believed to have...

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Satellites Show Korea's Making Bombs

Rob Edwards writes in New Scientist magazine that the U.S. can tell North Korea is extracting plutonium from nuclear power plant fuel rods and using it to make bombs, because satellites are detecting signs of the radioactive gas krypton-85 in the area. But now that our claim that Iraq bought uranium from Africa has been proven false, will...

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North Korea's Next

Former defense secretary William Perry says North Korea is rapidly reprocessing spent nuclear fuel rods in order to build up its nuclear arsenal. He says, "I have thought for some months that if the North Koreans moved toward processing, then we are on a path toward war." And a North Korean defector who met with White House officials says the U...

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North Korea Survives by Selling Heroin

The West has blockaded North Korea for a long time, trying to get them not to build nuclear weapons, so how have they survived? A North Korean official who defected in 1998 says they've been able to keep going by producing and selling heroin. The defector, who was hidden from view when he testified, told Congress the late North Korean leader...

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Catastrophic Events Predicted for U.S. & North Korea

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Losyukov says a "catastrophic" development of events between the U.S. and North Korea will occur in the next few days. "It is probable that, as early as tomorrow, there will be a catastrophic development of events," he says, and he says the standoff between the two countries has "reached an extreme...

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Korean Scientists Smuggled to U.S.

Twenty of North Korea's best scientists, including nuclear specialists, have defected to the U.S. in a secret smuggling operation through the Pacific island of Nauru. The defections began in October when the scientists first traveled to China and then were able to hide inside the consulates of 11 countries for as long as a month. The head of...

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Life Like a Spy Movie

South Korean film director Shin Sang-ok and his actress wife Choe Eun-hui have lived a life that sounds like a spy movie. They spent years as prisoners of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. Choe was kidnapped in Hong Kong by secret agents in 1978. She says, "I was in such a worried state I couldn't eat or drink anything for ages. Finally I...

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We're Playing North Korean Wargames

The U.S. and South Korea Monday are staging two major joint wargames next month, playing out a nuclear threat from North Korea. Wargames like these are often played before major military maneuvers are launched. The U.S. says the games are "defense-oriented" and designed to improve the U.S.-South Korean combined ability to defend South Korea...

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Japan May Strike First

Japan is ready to launch a pre-emptive strike on North Korea if it believes it will launch missiles against it. Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba says, "It is too late if [a missile] flies towards Japan. Our nation will use military force as a self-defense measure if [North Korea] starts to resort to arms against Japan." Since Japan?s postwar...

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North Korea Nuke Could Hit U.S.

According to the CIA, North Korea has a ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States. When CIA Director George Tenet was asked by the Senate if North Korea can hit us, he said, "I think the declassified answer, is yes, they can do that." He also said it's likely that North Korea has produced as many as two plutonium-based nuclear...

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