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Does U.S. Violate Bioweapons Treaties?

The U.S. is developing a new generation of weapons that will violate international treaties on biological and chemical warfare. Scientists who are specialists in bio-warfare and chemical weapons say the U.S., with the help of the British, is working on weapons similar to the gas used by Russian forces to end the rebel siege in Moscow. This was...

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Russia Mystery Gas Probably Treaty Violation

Human rights group Amnesty International wants to know the contents of the gas used to end the Moscow theatre siege. Dr. Andrei Seltsovsky describes it as a general anaesthetic. He hasn't named it, and referred to it in a press conference only as "the substance." Vil Mirzayanov, a former Soviet chemical weapons expert, says the gas is a...
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Anti-Gravity Goo

The U.S. Marines have a new nonlethal weapon: spray-on slime. The Mobility Denial System consists of a milky-white, non-hazardous anti-traction gel that is sprayed out over the desired area in a 1/8-inch thickness to form an impenetrable barrier.

The military is always looking for new ways to handle situations without deadly force,...

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