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Science explains why New Year's Resolutions are so hard to keep

It's that time of year again, as we watch an old year slip into a memory and prepare to greet a brand new year, pulsing with possibilities, each new day waiting like a blank page to be filled with the next chapter of our life. The promise of a fresh start, like new snow unsullied by the footprints of our past mistakes, gives us an opportunity to...
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Habits: Good and Bad

Habits are behaviors that are so deeply wired into our brains that we perform them automatically. They can be both good and bad: A habit can allow you to follow the same route to work every day without thinking about it, freeing your brain to think about other things. But we can develop plenty of bad habits too.

A new study has found...
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New Years Predictions?or Educated Guesses?

"A permanently manned base on the Moon, memory implants in the brain, the rise of a Chinese scientific superpower and unlimited, pollution-free energy." These are all predictions for the future from a group of 50 eminent British scientists. Meanwhile, back here in the US, a political science professor at the University of Alabama has asked his...

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Those New Years Resolutions

The new year is almost here, and most of us have made resolutions that we will fail to keep, such as losing weight or quitting smoking. Maybe this year, we should take an inventory of our lives instead.

Psychologist Frank Farley says, "In so many fields we take stock, we take inventory, we take a pulse at the end of the year. Sports...

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New Years Resolutions

If you've failed at keeping your New Year's resolutions inthe past, scientists say this may be because you've chosenthe wrong ones or don't admit to yourself that you may fail(which, surprisingly, will help to you succeed). One common mistake is to have too many goals. Another formula for failure is to set your sights on behaviors that are too...

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