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Science explains why New Year's Resolutions are so hard to keep

It's that time of year again, as we watch an old year slip into a memory and prepare to greet a brand new year, pulsing with possibilities, each new day waiting like a blank page to be filled with the next chapter of our life. The promise of a fresh start, like new snow unsullied by the footprints of our past mistakes, gives us an opportunity to...
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Auld Lang Syne--What Does It Mean?

We've heard it all of our lives, and tomorrow night we'll sing it again. But what is that 'auld lang syne?' anyway? Does the phrase chosen by Robert Burns for his great poem, derived from an ancient song of Scotland, have any deeper meaning? One translation is 'the old long time.' According to author Maurice Nicoll, this refers to a fundamental...

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Hangover Cures from the Land of Science

Just in time for New Year?s Eve, the London Science Museum has a new exhibit on hangover cures. It turns out that the headache and flu-like feelings are caused by dehydration, despite the fact that you?ve been drinking all night, because alcohol removes precious water from the body?s cells. First: Eat a big meal before the party and eat while...

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