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There's another Nessie--This Time in Alaska

Alaska has its own Loch Ness Monster. It's been seen in Cadboro Bay, and has been tentatively identified as a Cadborosaurus, a carnivorous marine reptile that lived during the dinosaur era and was thought to have gone extinct at the end of the Cretaceous Era, millions of years ago. Scotland's...
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They've glimpsed her on Google, and now ANOTHER "Nessie" has had her photo taken! A kayaker on England's Lake Windemere has taken an excellent photograph of the English Loch Ness Monster known to locals as "Bownessie." The strange humpbacked...
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Vermont Nessie Sighted

Lake Champlain in Vermont has its own "Nessie," called"Champ." Five tourists visiting the lake say they saw themonster. Bob Gload says, "I turned around and saw thatexplosion from the water. I saw three humps, two- tothree-feet tall, about four- or five-feet apart."

In the Plattsburgh, NY Press-Republic, Dan Heath quotesGload as saying...

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Ancient Portraits of Loch Ness Monster

Monks living in 565AD may have been the first to produce art depicting the Loch Ness Monster. Ancient stones found in the vicinity of Loch Ness have animal carvings on them. Historian Norman Newton says, "They are all incredibly accurately drawn. There is no doubt what they are: the horse, the stag, the salmon, the wild boar, the eagle, the...

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Nessie in Vermont

Sam Hemingway writes in The Burlington (VT) Free Press that researchers have recorded underwater sounds from Champ, the Nessie of Lake Champlain, using sonar equipment. They're a rapid series of ticks similar to sounds made by whales or dolphins?only ten times louder.

"What we got was a biological creature creating biosonar at a level...

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Nessie in Cornwall

John Holmes has video he shot of a Nessie-like monster creature swimming in the sea off the coast of Cornwall in the U.K. that has baffled researchers. He says, "I was filming my wife and had climbed on a rock to admire the view across the bay and I thought I heard a splash. A bizarre movement caught my attention??

At first, Holmes...

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Giant Beast May Be Hiding Underwater

The sounds of what could be a giant creature hiding in the depths of the ocean have been recorded by British scientists. Its frequency identifies it as some sort of marine animal, but it?s sound is far more powerful than calls made by any known creature on Earth. The researchers have nicknamed the unidentified sound they picked up with undersea...

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New Ways to Look for Nessie

Researchers who are looking for evidence of Scotland?s Loch Ness monster tried a new tool?Queen Elizabeth?s Golden Jubilee baton, which contains a device that can detect a pulse rate. They lowered it into the loch during its five-day tour round Scotland but failed to find any sign of Nessie?s heartbeat. But some of them say they saw "something...

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