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New Scientific Evidence Suggests That Life Continues After Death

The mystery of what happens to our consciousness after death has preoccupied man since he was first able to philosophise. Most of the world's religions are based around the premise that our souls continue to live after our physical demise, most suggesting that we go on to inhabit a heavenly place in the care of a deity or higher being. Science,...
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Major NDE Study

At 18 hospital emergency rooms here and in the UK, researchers have put pictures on the ceilings to test whether patients who are brought back to life after cardiac arrest can remember seeing the them during an NDE--an out-of-body experience. (NOTE:...
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This Week's Dreamland: How to Contact the Dead

Alan Botkin has discovered a miraculous therapy for grief and loss, and he explains it all to us on this week's Dreamland. A clinical psychologist, Botkin discovered the therapy while helping war veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. Learn about IADC and see if you can contact those you love who have passed away.


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Why Don't Christians Believe in an Afterlife?

Anne Strieber writes in her newDiary: "I have alwaysbeen puzzled by Christians who oppose theidea of disabled and severely ill people ending their lives.I feel this way about Terri Schiavo, the brain dead Floridawoman whose parents oppose the removal of her feedingtube?If these Christians truly believe that our souls travelto some kind of...

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Near Death Experiencers Less Tense

Want to have less stress? Have a near-death experience (NDE). A new study shows that people who have had NDEs are better had handling stress. Researcher Willoughby B. Britton says, "We found that people who have these experiences are just the opposite of what people think. They aren't more likely to run away from stress."

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Near Death Experiences Taken Seriously by Science

After years of ridicule and denial, scientists and doctors are finally beginning to take near death experiences (NDEs) seriously, as shown by a report in the December 15 issue of the respected English medical journal The Lancet.

In a recent study conducted in the Netherlands, Dr. Pim van Lommel and colleagues studied 62 patients who...

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Doctor to Conduct NDE Tests

Dr. Sam Parnia, a doctor at Southampton General Hospital in England, has been given approval to conduct the first large scale investigation into what happens when patients have a near death experience (NDE).

An earlier study at the hospital revealed that a small number of patients who suffered a cardiac arrest and survived reported some...

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