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The Afterlife Investigators

Researchers who say they have scientific proof for life after death and for psychic transmission of information presented their evidence at a recent meeting of the British Assoc. for the Advancement of Science in the UK, causing great controversy.

Mark Henderson writes in the London Times that most of this research from biologist Rupert...

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Scientists Seriously Studying Near Death

Scientists, including medical doctors, are meeting in France for the first international conference about near-death experiences. The conference will also contain delegates who have themselves had a near-death experience.

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Simple Test for Near-Death Experiences

Scientists are setting up a major experiment in the U.K. to find evidence about whether or not Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are real. They aren't going to use elaborate instruments to record the brain waves of patients in hospitals. Instead, they're going to plant items high up in the operating rooms of 25 cardiac units, where they can't be...

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Scientists Studying NDEs and Prayer

Two highly reputable scientists are studying what used to be a disreputable phenomenon in straight science: Near-death experiences. With the advent of modern medicine, NDEs have become a much more common experience that include seeing a white light and being greeted by dead relatives. Patients rise above their own bodies and see doctors...

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