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New Scientific Evidence Suggests That Life Continues After Death

The mystery of what happens to our consciousness after death has preoccupied man since he was first able to philosophise. Most of the world's religions are based around the premise that our souls continue to live after our physical demise, most suggesting that we go on to inhabit a heavenly place in the care of a deity or higher being. Science,...
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NDE Discovery: Brain Found to Be 'Highly Active' Just After Death

The near-death experience reported by cardiac arrest survivors worldwide may be grounded in science, according to research at the University of Michigan.

Previously, it was not believed that the brain could be active after death, but now it appears that there is a burst of superconsicous activity for about 30 seconds AFTER its blood...
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Death Researcher Challenging Science on Resurrection and the Soul

Resuscitation expert Dr. Sam Parnia has shown that, with proper treatment, people can be returned to live even hours after they have died. By cooling the blood and brain after death, brain damage can be prevented while organs such as the heart have more time to be repaired or heal. Instead of being declared dead after 20 minutes without blood...
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Doctors Die Differently From You and Me

Near-death experiencer Dannion Brinkley (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) once said, "In the US, we TORTURE our old people to death." But doctors know this, which is why most of...
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Major NDE Study

At 18 hospital emergency rooms here and in the UK, researchers have put pictures on the ceilings to test whether patients who are brought back to life after cardiac arrest can remember seeing the them during an NDE--an out-of-body experience. (NOTE:...
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Near Death Experiences

All in the blood? - There is some interesting science to be found out there: It turns out that near-death experiences (NDEs) are reported by between 11 and 23% of people who come close to death (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Could they be caused by carbon dioxide in the blood? reports that...

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Near Death Study

UK and US researchers are about to undertake a huge, 3-year study on near-death experiences (NDEs) in patients who have experienced cardiac arrest.

Doctors will study 1,500 of these survivors to see if they had the typical NDE, with the tunnel of light, floating above themselves and seeing doctors and nurses trying to save them, seeing...

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