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Grisly Medical Experiments--by OUR Government

Whether or not we agree with the current health care legislation, all of us want our government to spend its money on healing, not hurting. But it turns out that secret US government experiments have hurt PLENTY...
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Holocaust Denial?At Least Iranians Don't Do It

It's bad enough that the holocaust ever happened, but denying it is about as low as you can go. Some Americans still deny the truth, but surprisingly, despite the fact that the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has done so, most Iranians do not.

When the Danish press published an unflattering cartoon about the prophet Mohammed,...

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Nazi Symbols Still Used in Olympics

Most of us watching the Olympics on TV every night don'trealize that the Olympic rings and the torch relay did notoriginate in ancient Greece, but became popular after theywere shown in a film created in Nazi Germany.

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