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Nazis Still Around Today

This week's Dreamland show talks about the sinister forces that are all around us?specifically Nazis, who, despite what most people think, HAVE NEVER REALLY GONE AWAY.

But at least some of them have finally been defeated: Phil Davison writes in the Independent that Paul Schaefer, an 84-year-old Nazi who ran the Nazi compound in Chile...

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A Conspiracy Bestseller is Back

Conspiracy buffs are interested in REAL information, not just internet rumors, so they're snapping up Peter Levenda's Sinister Forces Book One and Book Two so fast that we can hardly keep them in stock, and Sinister Forces Three is on the way. For next weekend's Dreamland, you'll be able to hear Peter in person, as he discusses MODERN Nazis...

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Secret Nazi Colony Finally Broken Up

After forty years, the Chilean authorities have broken up the Colonia Dignidad commune, which was founded by escaped Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. It aided the cruel military dictatorship of that has been accused of aiding the former military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.

BBC News reports that former Nazi Paul Schaefer, aged...

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Alleged Nazi Villain Captured

Paul Schafer, a former Nazi Luftwaffe medic who founded theChilean compound known as Colonia Dignidad (now renamedVilla Baviera) has been arrested and put in jail in Chile.On May 7, we had a specialsubscriberinterview with Peter Levenda, one of the few people ever toventure into the mysterious compound and come out alive. Onnearby roads there...

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On Dreamland: Peter Levenda Reveals the Truth about Colonia Dignidad

Nazi cult leader Paul Sch

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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CIA Nazi Connection to be Revealed

The CIA, after two years of pressure from Congress, hasfinally agreed to disclose classified records about itsrelationship with Nazi war criminals. The CIA doesacknowledge working with the Nazi S.S. These records maycontain revelations about the actions of Nazis who wereallowed to escape trial by coming to America. "OperationPaperclip," which...

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Beware of Neo-Nazi Concerts

Musicians of all kinds are being asked to play at festivals that turn out to be Neo-Nazi gatherings. Peter Haworth and his Celtic band were getting ready to play at "Euro-Fest 2003" when he noticed something wrong. He says, "You should have seen what they were selling there! They had Mein Kampf and little baby blankets in blue and white with...

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Nazi-Era Message in a Bottle

On July 17, we wrote a story about a ghostly message in a bottle that parents received from their long dead son. Now a bottle with a message from a refugee fleeing the Nazis during World War II has been found on a Swedish beach.

The note is dated 1943, written in English, and asks if the war is over yet. It's signed by a woman called...

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Nazi Bombers Buried Under Busy Airport

Allan Hall writes for The Scotsman that recently discovered East German intelligence files reveal that tons of live ammunition, as well as fueled Nazi fighter planes, are buried in concrete bunkers beneath Schoenefeld airport, which is used by thousands of travelers every year.

When the Nazis were under pressure during the end of World...

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Insight: Nazis Still Experimenting on Humans

A reader writes: "I am a lawyer from Chile currently living in Florida. Talking of disappeared Nazis, you spoke (with Nick Cook on Sept. 28 Dreamland) of a place in Chile that was only recently closed down. Unfortunately, I must inform you that such place, formerly known as 'Colonia Dignidad,' still exists." A former SS officer used local slave...

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Nazi Secrets Uncovered

Ukrainian workers recently found strange graves at a construction site in the Ukraine. They thought it was an ancient Scythian graveyard until someone spotted the medallion of a German soldier in one of the coffins. When archeologists arrived, they were shocked to find that some of the human skeletons had their spines sawn lengthwise. Some did...

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The Nazification of America or Just Plain Bad Taste?

The new 55-cent stamp, introduced by the Post Office in February 2001, displays an eagle which looks uncomfortably like the Nazi eagle. According to Al Martin of Almartinraw.comthis design will also be used for the triangular arm badges and hats given to participants in the new Neighborhood Watch program, which will concentrate on identifying "...

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