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Mysterious Mounds in Peru

For more than a century and a half, scientists and tourists have visited massive animal-shaped mounds, such as Serpent Mound in Ohio (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), created by the...
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Nasca Lines Being Destroyed

Peru's Nasca lines, which were carved over 1,000 years ago and are visited by 80,000 tourists a year, are being turned into a trash dump.

Until she died six years ago, German mathematician Maria Reich spend 50 years guarding the site. She believed it was a giant astronomical calendar, drawn in the desert. Researchers can't understand...

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Possible Reason for Nasca Lines Discovered

UFOnews1 - The Nasca lines are images made from lines of stones in Peru, some over a mile long, in the shapes of birds and mammals, including a hummingbird, a monkey and a man. There are also geometric shapes, such as zig-zags and spirals. As with the pyramids in Egypt and other great early structures, the questions...

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