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Phantom Panther Alert in UK

Since January, there have been numerous phantom pantherattacks reported in the British press, and many moresightings throughout the country. In West Oxfordshire, ananimal that has been nicknamed "the Beast of Burford" hasbeen appearing in a farming community and killing sheep inthe area. The sheep have been killed in a mannercharacteristic of...

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Another Mystery Cat Seen in Scotland

Scottish businessman Steven Clark had heard the legends of the giant mystery cats, but he never believed in them until he saw the green eyes of the Beast of Bennachie, peering through the undergrowth at him. As it glided away into the woods, it left a trail of paw-prints in the snow.

?It was a beautiful creature, sleek and completely...

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More Mystery Cats

The British Big Cat Society says sightings of strange cats in the countryside are on the increase. There were 438 sightings reported last year. Scotland had the most, with 85 sightings of big cats, followed by Wales with 72. The group says there have been so many reports that there may be a hybrid species roaming Britain.

Danny Bamping,...

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Mystery Cats & New Nessies

A woman was attacked by a big ?Mystery Cat? in Scotland and has bite marks on her thigh to prove it. The woman, who does not want her name released, says the animal grabbed hold of her upper leg and hip, ripping her trousers, and leaving three puncture wounds on her thigh. ?It was a spur of the moment attack and I screamed out in pain,? she...

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