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Genetic Reason for the Mozart Effect

The "Mozart Effect" refers to the fact that listening to Mozart?but not any other music?has been shown to improve learning and memory. Now scientists have found that Mozart's music actually changes the connections between brain cells.

Emily Singer writes in New Scientist that neuroscientist Fran Rauscher discovered the Effect in 1993,...

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When Earworms Invade

Jessica Kovler writes in the August 12th New York Times that "There's nothing nicer than a tune playing in your head?until you can't turn it off." And when you get a song stuck in your brain, it always seems to be some stupid advertising jingle or trivial tune that you never liked much anyway. Why do some songs stick, and what can we do...
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What Makes Music Unforgettable?

What makes a song stick in your head, and why does a wrongly played note sound so awful? New research shows the brain has specific structures that are designed to perceive and remember musical patterns. This area of the brain gives people their innate sense of melody and is the reason why familiar tunes can almost become part of our brains....

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Music Changes the Brain

In Lee Dye?s column on, he tells about how Christo Pantev, a neuroscientist at Toronto?s Baycrest Center for Geriatric Care, noticed the vitality of the elderly patients who played a musical instrument. ?I saw much more activity in these people than in the others,? says Pantev. He saw a difference even among those who were slipping...

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