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Latest Technology Reveals Secrets of Egyptian Mummies

Computerised tomography (CT) scanners are normally used to create detailed images of the inside of the body, but they have recently been used to scan more unusual patients.

Eight Egyptian mummy exhibits from The British Museum in London have been transported to hospitals across the city under the cover of darkness and placed inside CT...
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Mummies Show Signs of Heart Disease

Despite not having sugared soft drinks or fast food, the ancients didn't lead healthier lives than we do. Researchers who examined 137 mummies from four different cultures, spanning 4,000 years, under CT scanners, and found evidence of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) in almost half of them.

In the March 11th edition of...
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Another StarChild?

The Regional Director of Culture in Cusco, Peru, David Vega Centeno, said on Friday that a group of specialists has conducted studies of two mummies, one of them with strange features, which are in the private Museum of Andean Rituals in the Andahuaylillas district.

If preliminary results reveal anything unusual about the mummy other...
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Mummies Had Hair Problems Too

We all have trouble getting our hair to do what we want it to, and it turns out the ancient Egyptians did too: they used hair gel.
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Mysterious Mummy Graveyard in Tibet

Buried in a desert inside their BOATS - 200 mummies with Western features have been found buried in an isolated graveyard in Tibet. The graveyard is in the middle of a desert, yet they were buried inside their overturned boats a long time ago, meaning they must have traveled there by water. But where did they come from? They...

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What Was Wrong with the Boy King?

Marrying a close relative, as ancient Egyptian royalty often did, is not a good thing to do. Archeologists have often commented on the strangely distorted images of King Tut, which seem to indicate extreme birth defects. Now it's been discovered that Tutankhamun had a club foot, walked with a cane and was killed by malaria.

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A Mummy is Unwrapped

Using a computer - Thanks to the skills of artists (and psychics) who work on cold case investigations, people have a chance to see what the University of Chicago's mummy may have looked like when she was alive and living in Egypt.

A Chicago forensic artist and a police artist in Maryland prepared the images, which...

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Mummy Secrets Revealed

Scientists never knew how the Egyptians mummified their dead so effectively, but now it's been discovered they used an extract of the cedar tree. Researcher Ulrich Weser says, "Modern science has finally found the secret of why some mummies can last for thousands of years."

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