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Mt. Ranier Earthquake Swarm

Mt. Rainier is experiencing an earthquake swarm that hasincluded a 3.2 earthquake a mile beneath the surface, thatis the largest earthquake ever recorded under the mountain.

Volcanologists do not believe that the current earthquakeswarm is being caused by the movement of magma beneath thevolcano, but nevertheless the earthquakes are...

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USGS Warns: Major Mt. St. Helens Eruption 'Imminent'

US Geological Survey volcanologists raised the alert levelat Mt. St. Helen's to the highest possible and warned that amajor eruption appeared to be "imminent."

The tremor this morning lasted 25 minutes, and is anindication that the volcano is moving toward an additionaleruption. There was a release of steam on Saturday thatattracted the...

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USGS 'Notice of Volcanic Unrest' for Mt. St. Helens

At 3:00PM PDT on September 26 the US Geological Survey Cascades Volcano Observatory issued a Notice of VolcanicUnrest for Mt. St. Helens. This advisory was issued becauseof pattern of earthquakes that are consistent with movementof magma within the volcano.

A swarm of very small, shallow earthquakes that began on themorning of September...

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