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Subliminal Messages in the Media: How Prevalent - and Dangerous - Are they?

In the news today: a Japanese woman has just divorced her husband because...he didn't like the Disney movie "Frozen."

This bizarre snippet of news inspires the question: why has this movie inspired such global acclaim, even bordering on obsession in some? Has Disney imbued it with hidden, subliminal messages?
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Prehistoric Movie Going

Prehistoric man (and woman) put on lipstick and went to the movies--in a manner of speaking, that is. Prehistoric cave artists used cartoon-like techniques to give the impression that their images were moving across cave...
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Horror Movies Help You Lose

Halloween tends to make us fat, since we stock up on lots of candy corn and other special treats to give to the kids who come to our door, and we always end up eating some of it ourselves. Another Halloween tradition is watching horror movies--and these can help compensate for the...
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Money Men are Movie Villains

Here's something to think about when you go to some of those holiday blockbusters (NOTE--Subscribers can still listen to this show): Movies COST lots of money, but they MAKE lots of money too--they'...
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What to Watch (and NOT to Watch) Before You Make That Long Drive

Don't set off for that long Thanksgiving holiday drive after watching a horror movie. People's driving behaviors can be subtly influenced by emotionally charged images, and research has shown that people often drive more recklessly after viewing an action movie and more cautiously after seeing a relaxing film.

In the November 20th...
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What's in a (Movie) Name?

Names identify who we are (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). We all try to be careful not to give our kids ...
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3D Movies Can Make You Sick

Watching 3D movies can "immerse" you in the experience, but it can also lead to visual symptoms and even motion sickness. Symptoms related to 3D viewing are affected by where you sit while watching, and even how old you are.

Researcher by Shun-nan Yang says, "...
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A Surprising Reason Why Some Movies Bomb

The movie box office isn't doing too well right now, so when you watch the new spate of Christmas films, check to see how many of the characters smoke. Smoking may make you feel sexy, but it doesn't sell...
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Movie to be Made About Betty and Barney Hill

This was one of the first UFO abductions to be taken seriously by the media. On the night of September19, 1961, a biracial couple named Betty and Barney Hill were driving...
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Live in Arizona? Go to a Screening on Saturday!

Paul Davids, (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), who will be the subscriber interview for August 27th, will be having the first public showing of his new film,...
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Is Goodness Beautiful?

Rapunzel in "Tangled," Ariel in "The Little Mermaid," Belle in "Beauty and the Beast:" Each of these animated characters is portrayed as beautiful and good. The "what-is-beautiful-is-good" stereotype is found throughout cartoons, animated films,...
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The Future of Film

What's coming up in the future? From its heyday in the 1950s to its current resurgence, 3-D technology has gone from a cinematic gimmick to a box-office gold mine. James Cameron's Avatar, heralded for its creation of a three-dimensional fantasy world, is now the highest grossing movie ever. But do audiences really like it better than 2-D and...

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Sex & the City 2

Something the critics don't know - Movie critics are scratching their heads and wondering why a movie like "Sex and the City 2" was set in a Muslim country like Abu Dhabi, but if you read Anne's Diaries regularly, YOU know the answer: It's an extreme example of product placement! We need your help, folks, so If you love Anne's...

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Can Twitter Control the Box Office?

There's a science of show biz! Twitter may be a tool that can not only predict which films will be hits (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), but one which may actually be able to create an audience for a movie. Word of mouth builds an audience: Movie makers have long known that while advertising and major stars may create a big...

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The Science of Show Biz

Mathematicians dissect movies & TV shows - Hollywood's "golden age" seems to have ended in the 1950s. Up until that time, everyone went to the latest blockbuster and discussed it afterwards, but today, with so many choices at home (such as video games, the internet and cable TV), people are choosy about what they pay money...

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3-D Movies a Big Hit

Is 3-D TV next? - Not all the news is bad (some of it is just strange): The movie "Avatar" has created a return of 3-D and starting in 2010, ESPN will broadcast some sports events in 3-D. quotes Chuck Pagano, ESPN vice president for technology, as saying that the network is preparing for a "3-D tsunami." But who has...

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What's wrong with Horror Movies?

This Halloween season, most of the current horror flicks are a bore. Some of them are actually (unintentionally) funny. Maybe the problem is that Americans have too many real things to be scared about.

Pop culture guru Rob Weiner says, "The recent slate of horror movies is pathetic. They aren't scary. There's nothing that captures the...

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Movie Psychology

If movie executives could figure out how to read our minds, they'd have a hit film every time. They haven't perfected the technique yet, but they're working on it.

The NYU film school has enlisted their psychology department to help future screenwriters and directors figure out what movie goers want to see. Since films take years to...

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Big Changes Coming to the Movies

If you're planning on seeing a film today, you'll be glad to know that someday soon, we'll be able to watch 3D films WITHOUT those pesky cardboard glasses because they'll be holograms.

BBC News reports that researchers have developed a material in which holographs can be created in minutes. Of course, the images in animation need to...

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Director Chosen to Film The Grays

Wolfgang Petersen has been picked by Sony Studios to direct the film of Whitley's novel "The Grays" (now out in paperback everywhere). Petersen has directed such hit films as "In the Line of Fire" (with Clint Eastwood), "Outbreak" (with Dustin Hoffman), "The Perfect Storm," and "Troy." Filming should start in the next few months. The earliest...

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Romance at the Movies

Women: Don't be afraid to suggest a romantic film for Valentine's Day. New research shows that men like "women's films" as much as women do.

"Chick flicks" aren't just for women. According to psychologist Richard Harris, who made a study of our movie-going habits, guys like romantic movies, too. He says, "Everyone thinks that women like...

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A New Way to Price Movie Tix

New research shows that movie theaters could increase their profits if they charged different prices for different movies. But this would involve movie studios knowing what customers will like, and since there are plenty of surprise hits, this is not an exact science, by any means.

Right now, consumers pay the same price for...

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More Movie Science

From time to time, we report on what scientists are thinking about the films we see. Why is the new Bond film called Casino Royale instead of James Bond 21 (which is what it actually is)? Are movie stars getting so skinny that this sets a dangerous precedent for women with incipient eating disorders? Scientists have good answers to these...

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An End to Piracy (The Movie Kind, Anyway)

Movie studios are losing billions of dollars to what they call "movie piracy." For those of you who don't know, this is when someone sneaks a DVD recorder into a movie theater, records the film as he watches it, then SELLS copies of the DVD afterwards! Now science may have solved this problem.

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Movies Lead to Bad Behavior

Newswise - Children two to six years old are four times as likely to try to smoke later on if they have watched movies and DVDs in which the actors smoked. They are five times as likely to try drinking alcohol if they've seen movies in which actors drank. Most tobacco and alcohol prevention studies target children during...

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Future Actors Won't Always be Real

In the film "Simone," Al Pacino created a computer-generated actress he passed off as real. Now this is no longer fiction: for his two sequels to "The Matrix," director Joel Silver mixes real actors in the same scenes with computer-generated images and you can't tell the difference. The movies will be released a few months apart in the spring...

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