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Subliminal Messages in the Media: How Prevalent - and Dangerous - Are they?

In the news today: a Japanese woman has just divorced her husband because...he didn't like the Disney movie "Frozen."

This bizarre snippet of news inspires the question: why has this movie inspired such global acclaim, even bordering on obsession in some? Has Disney imbued it with hidden, subliminal messages?
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Famous UFO Movie Based on Real Events

Movie director Steven Spielberg says the 1982 film "ET" was based on real UFO encounters that occurred in Kentucky. During the writing of the screenplay, the film morphed from being a scary horror film into a family-...
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Live in Arizona? Go to a Screening on Saturday!

Paul Davids, (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), who will be the subscriber interview for August 27th, will be having the first public showing of his new film,...
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What Makes a Sequel a Success?

The summer movie season is back, and what do we see the most of? Sequels! Some of us are getting a little tired of seeing so many themes repeated again and again and wonder why movie studios can't give us something NEW.

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Movie Science

You can learn a lot by going to the movies. If you're a scientist, you can be amused at how wrong-headed some of the ideas presented in a movie like Angels & Demons are.

Physicist Soeren Prell was frustrated by the scenes in the movie that depicted CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research near Geneva, Switzerland, and its...

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Horror Movies Reveal Your Politics

What does your reaction to The Blob reveal about you? Does your friend or partner avoid going to horror movies with you and duck when TV shows display lots of gore? If so, that may mean that, no matter what he says, he's really a political conservative, especially in his attitudes towards gays.

Psychologist David Pizarro says that...

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Angels & Demons: What's Behind that Strange Art

Ambigrams! - All those symbols flashing in Web site promos and posters promoting Ron Howard's new film Angels & Demons, based on the novel by Dan Brown, were created by a professor of typography. John Langdon, who, not by coincidence, shares the same last name as the film's protagonist played by Tom Hanks, has been creating...

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Nye Incidents to be a Film

The Nye Incidents, written by Craig Spector from an idea by Whitley Strieber, is going to be filmed by Dark Castle, a division of Warner Brothers.The film will be directed by Todd Lincoln.The Nye Incidents is a fictional exploration of rumors that Whitley Strieber heard of possible human abductions. He says, "I was never able to prove that...

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Does Movie Violence Lead to REAL Violence?

Does movie violence lead to real violence? This question continues to be debated. And Hollywood has rolled out its usual quota of violent films this season.

In the January 7th edition of the New York Times, Peter S. Goodman writes about a new study that seems to prove that "violent films PREVENT violent crime by attracting would-be...

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Is Apocalypto Authentic?

There is a lot of controversy about whether Apocalypto, the new Mel Gibson film about the ancient Mayans, is historically correct. Despite Gibson's desire to create a work that reflects the truth about the Mayan world, one expert says that the film is not authentic.

Professor Michael Aakhus says, "If you like action films, you should...

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Animation: A Hairy Problem

Science is changing the world of animation. Filmmakers are reviving old techniques, like rotoscoping, and making it new. And a group of university mathematicians has created an algorithm that makes animated hair look more realistic.

"A Scanner Darkly" uses rotoscoping, a technique revived by MIT graduate Bob Sabiston, in which live...

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Films Take a Screen Test

Two computer scientists say they have developed a system for predicting the box office success of movies before they hit the theatres that could revolutionize the industry, but Hollywood has responded with a yawn, despite the fact that ticket sales are down for the second year in a row.

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King Kong Authentic

No, there was never a giant gorilla. In fact, these days, there can't even be an undiscovered island. With today's modern satellites and G.P.S. technology, it's impossible for a body of land to exist that we don't already know about. But the period details of the original 1933 film have been recreated with great authenticity and these are...

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