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Hanta Haunts Yosemite While West Nile Attacks Texas

10,000 tourists who stayed in cabins at Yosemite National Park recently might have been exposed to the deadly mouse-borne Hanta Virus. So far , Hanta has made 6 of the tourists ill. Hanta Virus is caused by inhaling the dried feces of infected mice. It is also carried by prairie dogs...
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Future of Mosquito-Borne Disease Will be Surprising

Dengue fever most likely will become a disease the United States must learn to live with as climate change creates opportunities for the disease to gain a foothold.

But after careful...
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Microwave Malaria Away

As the climate heats up (something the Master of the Key warned Whitley about), countries north of the equator may have the same of mosquito-borne diseases that plague tropical countries...
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If you live in Vienna, you can chase them away with your radio, but most of us just swat them. Why do we usually miss?

In, Jason Socrates Bardi explains that mosquitoes are so lightweight that it's easy to push them away when we're trying to swat them. It's much more effective to clap our hands together and trap the...

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Radio Repels Mosquitoes

Talk radio is often ridiculous, if not downright dangerous, but an Austrian radio station has come up with a great idea: Broadcast sounds that repel mosquitoes, so if you hear something buzzing in your ear, you know what to do.

The Radio World website reports than Viennese radio station KroneHit has embedded a 14,850 Hz tone in its audio...

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Global Warming Makes Us Sick

Most of this has to do with MOSQUITOES! - Global warming raises concerns about the potential spread of infectious diseases, such as malaria and dengue fever. These diseases are currently rare in the West. A team of researchers has demonstrated a way to predict the expanding range of human disease vectors in a changing world....

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Devastating Mosquito Disease in US

The first European victim of a deadly new mosquito-borne disease was bitten while in the United States and is in a coma.

This virus is known as Eastern Equine Encephalitis or Triple E. The victim, Michael Nicholson, was bitten by a mosquito when he spent 6 weeks in Rhode Island and New Hampshire this summer. The disease is found mostly...

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Why Do We Itch?and Should We Scratch?

The mosquito season is finally ending in most of the US and yes, it IS true that mosquitoes like to bite some of us more than others. What causes us to itch, anyway?

Corey Binns writes in that we have special nerves that send us those prickly feelings. While some nerve fibers focus on deliver pain sensations and touch,...

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Why Some of Us are Tastier than Others

Why do mosquitoes bite some people much more than others?This is merely annoying to those of us living in the West,but to people living in places like Africa, where malaria isrampant, it can mean the difference between life and death.Now scientists have discovered why mosquitoes like some ofus much more than others. All humans produce smells...

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New Mosquito-Borne Diseases in U.S.

Dengue fever is one of two mosquito-borne illnesses that have Florida health officials increasingly worried about a major outbreak. The other one is West Nile virus, which first showed up in the United States in 1999 and quickly moved south. Last year, 53 of Florida?s 67 counties were under medical alert for the virus.

Now officials...

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Malaria--Is the U.S. Next?

With global warming, large parts of southern England and Wales are at risk from malaria. Scientist say the disease is most likely to arrive in river areas and low-lying wetlands. Humans become infected when bitten by a mosquito that is carrying the parasite.

Researchers at Durham University in the U.K. used a mathematical model to...
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